Dear patients and friends,Crazy for Turkey


We’re taking 25% OFF ($4 per bottle) the herbs that help with the sugar cravings and hangovers, as well as the holiday blues and chronic dyspepsia:

Sugar Free          PATIC FE          PS:SS      and      Joy Blend

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Since these formulas work quickly, you can take them as needed. The first three to help support our livers, pancreas (sugar organ) and the poor belabored colon.  The Joy Formula sort of declares itself and is handy for ourselves or those in need.   These travel well too, no leaky bottles and should prevent the “touristas.”   The Herbal Multi will work as a little bit of health insurance since the usual “good foods” like salads are not generally eaten at this time.

This woman wrote recently:  “Just had to write and tell you how much my body loves Herbal Multi! What a great formula. I’m so glad I added it to my daily dosage. I have no idea why it works so well for me, but since taking it, I’m ‘feeling very much better’. My stomach and candida are feeling great thanks to you.” She’s taking the BWC, Detox powder with the Barley Grass Juice Powder and Colostrum, in addition to the Herbal Multi.

Just off the topic for a moment:  Most of us are familiar with chemotherapy – either we’ve dealt with it ourselves, or someone dear to us has.  D.A. just wrote that for appetite loss during chemo for her mom, “The Gentian Root worked and she is feeling much better.”


Just FYI, our symptoms often disappear quickly while using the herbs, and the temptation is to stop taking them when this happens.  Ideally though, we would take the remedial herbs for 1/10th of the time we’ve had a chronic condition to make sure the dis-ease is totally gone or in remission. We should talk regularly to make sure that all is well and we can figure out maintenance doses.  This should prevent this woman’s situation who wrote:  “I need a refill on my herbs. I haven’t had them in a couple of months and my symptoms have come back big time. Clearly, they work!

Of course, the herbs and Feeling Very Much Better make truly useful gifts too.

Thinking of you and wishing you a calm, bright and sweetly contemplative season…

Doc Eve

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