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Patient Testimonials are always welcome and we greatly appreciate your time in sending them to us.  We look forward to receiving your feedback from testimonials as they help us in 3 main ways:

  1. They let us know what is helping you specifically.
  2. They help us improve our herbal formulas.
  3. We use the information to refine and improve patient care in the future.

We will not use a patient’s name in newsletters without their specific permission. So, please keep them coming.  My email address is



“Dear Dr. Eve, I first wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’.  Your herbs are working so well, I can barely believe it.  I have been on your Yeast [Infection] Therapy [Pack] regimen, as well as the Epstein Barr / CMV Therapy [Pack] regimen, for almost 10 days (as well as the diet in your book), and with remarkable results.  As background: I’ve been battling chronic yeast issues for years since being treated with massive doses of antibiotics for Lyme disease; as well, I was recently diagnosed with HPV during an annual exam – ugh. No fun.

“Since starting the herbs and diet, not only are the symptoms of Candida subsiding, but as well the terrible rosacea I’ve had for over a decade – and which I thought had basically turned my skin permanently red – has magically cleared up.  I left the house without makeup today for the first time in years and years.  Though I have no idea why this regimen has had that marvelous side effect, I am beyond thrilled about it!  As for the effects of the herbs on HPV, I’ll have to wait until my next test results come back, but I’m certainly feeling optimistic.”


“Hi Eve.  Wanted you to know that the purpurae – all the purple bruising spots from just lightly bumping into something – are completely gone from the tops of my forearms!  They look so much nicer now!  The doubling up on BILICA, as well as the Herbal Multi seems to have done the trick.”


“Hi Eve.  Received the package of herbs this morning.  Thank you.  Also, wanted to let you know that my husband has been off his statins for almost a full month now, and feeling better!  The statins used to give him muscle aches and those seem to be dissipating.  A little more time will tell, and after he has his blood work done, in a couple months, we’ll know more.”  (My note:  Chol-lite, Q10, Blend S for male adrenals & Red Yeast Rice are recommended here.)


If you’ve been given anti-biotics for cysts, which takes them away temporarily only to make a quick comeback, then the following might help you too.  A patient called the other morning and said that the Enhance, Bactotox, Bilica and Fibrozolve combination have had her cysts disappear in just a couple of weeks.


Thank you for your loyalty and referrals to our products and services:  Katie Aull, Debbie Martinez, Ann Philbin and Jane Rogers.

Best of Health to You As Always,

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