Dear Friends and Patients,Eve's Herbs Herbie the Cat Santa

This year we will include a gift bottle of our much-loved Patic Fe formula with any size order from now through December 31st.

Patic Fe serves a number of purposes outside of lifting crazy holiday moods:

  1. It aids digestion, especially helping the gallbladder digest fats.
  2. It contains naturally occurring iron, so it’s energizing and gives a nice little kick.
  3. And is a wonderful overall tonic.

This little gift is also a “Thank You” for your continued support of our little company and the wonderful herbs.

This just in… The Detox powder along with the Fiber Regulator has been lauded for relieving some nasty intestinal “traffic jams” over the last couple of weeks.  Good to know.

Wishing you jolly, hale and hearty holidays,

Docs Eve and David

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