Acne and Herbal Remedies

Acne and Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies for ACNE

One approach to dealing with ACNE is to use herbs that cleanse and strengthen specific areas in the body that are contributing to the problem.  Formulas containing herbs that accomplish these goals support healthier and clearer skin.

The herbs in our Herbal Multi formula are primarily wonderful blood cleansers and tonics which support the liver in its work to detoxify the bloodstream.  A clean bloodstream will almost always clean the skin, especially with hormone balancing formulas.  Herbal Multi is a favorite for teenagers of any age with acne, boils and cystic skin problems.

As hormones are a frequent cause or contributor to acne, we use one of a few different formulas to support balancing the hormonal system.  On the female side, we use the 50/50 formula which helps to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels and balance the immune system. It also helps to activate the libido (sexual energy) and increase endurance as a nice bonus.  For the guys, we use Blend S, our most popular male stress relief, adrenal formula.  It is high in natural plant vitamin C, acts directly on the reproductive organs, is energizing and a mild aphrodisiac.

The third formula is Bilica which is very high in silica, the essential nutrient for healthy skin, as well as hair, teeth and nails – great for repairing splitting and weak nails or hair.  Another nice benefit of this formula is high levels of naturally occurring and, therefore, easily digested, B vitamins, which are paramount for a strong and healthy heart.

And rounding out the foursome is Bactotox, our most popular formula as Nature’s potent and fast-acting anti-bacterial/anti-viral.  It promotes white blood cells in engulfing bacterial and viral invaders, including those in the skin lesions (zits) of acne.  High in vitamin C, A and B3, and many other micro-nutrients, Bactotox is a must when traveling and for your medicine shelf when the first signs of colds, sore throats, other infections or an impertinent pimple appear.

An Acne Testimonial

“Using the herbs for my teen son’s acne (poor thing).  Dermatologist’s original antibiotic Rx was quoted at $968 – WITH insurance!  Had them change it to an Rx which then ‘only’ cost $199 – PER MONTH. They worked a bit, but for their cost we weren’t impressed.  Sooo, gave the herbs a try last month and not only did they work – OF COURSE !- they worked faster, better, are cheaper, AND natural.  Such a deal!!  So super grateful.  Thank you, thank Youuuu – T=)”

Therapy Packs for ACNE

For further info on our Therapy Packs for ACNE which include the above formulas, click on the appropriate one below:

ACNE Therapy Pack – Female

ACNE Therapy Pack – Male

Acne is often simply and quickly remedied, although, if it has been a lifelong problem, it may take a few months to see significant changes.

For optimal results, the above herbal Therapy Packs will include complete food-related instructions, including some great recipes in my book, Feeling Very Much Better, which is included, as well as herbal remedies specifically formulated and combined for eliminating acne.

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