Spring AllergiesAre we enjoying spring yet?

Allergies abound with lots of sneezing and harrumphing going on here and everywhere right now. Remember the ALLER-TOTAL works a charm for those itchy eyes and runny noses, while the ALLERDRAIN is better for the stuffed up probosces.

The JOY BLEND is working wonders, thank you” was a little love note from last month, confirming it is still living up to its legend as our go-to antidepressant. It contains the wonderful Borage plant that is also in the PATIC FE.

As to that…


Our PATIC FE formula has always been a gentle, reviving tonic for the liver, gallbladder, colon, heart and skin. The lift it gives the heart seems more of a sensory one because of the Borage. As the famous herbalist, Nicholas Culpepper put it, “For those who suffer from often swoonings of the heart.”

Our latest batch of PATIC FE now sports Borage in the more concentrated oil form as part of the formula. It’s been a daily favorite of mine for many years and the little changes in this version seem to have given its power an extra nudge. Keep in mind that it softens the elimination, in case you have problems in that area.


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“‘Tis distance lends enchantment to the view.” Thomas Campbell. This one pops into my mind regularly. Mmm… comforting.

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