Dear patients and friends,

I trust your spring is going well, the allergies are past and you’re getting ready for a fun summer.


The following is a testimonial from a long-time patient who cleared a number of allergy-related symptoms in her son both in childhood and adulthood:

“We had just moved from L.A. to the east coast where we had a particularly soggy winter and a spectacularly allergic spring. Everything looked gorgeous, but our then 8-year-old son became ill.  His malaise was alarming. Weak and extremely white, he was too sick to go to school. $2000 later for the doctor’s tests and visits, who then pronounced they ‘couldn’t find anything – there is nothing wrong with him.’”

But he was still just the same, so she called our 310-855-1111 number which she knew off by heart. I listened to the story and sent them the Aller-Total and Bactotox, along with suggesting the use of a Neti Pot to clean out his sinuses. He was totally fine and back at school after 2 days.

He is now 23 and had the exact repeat episode. His Mom said, “This time it only took 1 day to recover. He now carries his herbal emergency ‘meds’ with him.”

Here, the entire family just kept passing colds, flus and chronic sinus problems around. Apparently genetic in this family, brothers and father were the same way.  “Now, it’s just so nice to live with family who are not sick all the time.”

Lastly, about both travel and local parasites, “I am in urgent need of the BWC formula, as mine has run out and I can feel it coming back. The parasites that is. UGH!!”

…Which is a good reminder to have the Travel Herbs ready to go, to make sure much needed holidays are not interrupted.


“P.S. – Oh, and thanks again for helping my son with his rash. The herbs we ordered from you seemed to do the trick and the rash has not come back again. I sent him the Sugar Free, Bactotox, Herbal Multi and Aller-Total.”


Here, as promised, are some more:Fat Scrubbing Veggies, Pt.2

Carrots – a primary source of carotene which breaks down into vitamin A and nourishes cells and tissues.  As this happens, the metabolism accelerates and the other vital systems also speed up. This activity vibrates the adipose cells and dislodges fat.

Endive – works in minutes to stimulate the metabolism and wash body cells.  I love it, too, with radicchio and a little Pecorino Romano cheese.

Romaine and Other Dark Green Lettuces – they contain iron and magnesium which go to the spleen and liver.  The spleen supercharges the minerals and sends them through the bloodstream to the body’s cells and tissues where they wash the fat-covered cells.  Lettuce minerals also stimulate the blood vessels and nerves – giving our bodies a “youthful” metabolism. Their potassium stimulates the adrenal glands to release hormones that melt fat.

More next time. For additional herbal help, check out the Weight Loss Therapy Pack on our web store.

I trust the rest of spring is kind to you and your health remains as abundant as everything is blooming around us right now.

Best to you as always,

Doc Eve

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