Answers for Chronic Lung ProblemsLung and bronchial problems seem to be more persistent and difficult to treat over the last couple of years, for example chronic coughs.

A long-time patient suffered from Indolent Tuberculosis, where the lungs are compromised and breathing can be difficult, as it was for her.  She also had trouble with sciatic pain, which was most annoying to her as she was a tennis player.

Her improvement with the herbs became clear in a couple of weeks and it has been progressive over the last 15 years. Now, when she goes in for a physical, she gets a clean bill of health and a comment of, “Just keep doing what you’re doing”.

She takes the Herba Pneu and Bactotox combination along with the MNF and Bilica formulas, which I suspect helped fix the sciatica.  Lastly, she includes the Blend F, which helps the adrenal glands deal with stress. The cortex of the adrenal gland produces cortisol which helps regulate many important body functions and, in turn, is important in healing the body (the synthetic version from which many of us have suffered a sore butt – the famous cortisone shot).

Occasionally, she takes the PS:SS formula which helps to help clear the bowel and, in turn, helps the lungs. In Chinese medicine, the lungs and bowel are considered “partners.”

Spring is just around the corner, and the above should also help us with any “spring fever” which may stalk us.

Stay hale and hearty,

Doc Eve

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