The Ways of Calcium

Dear patients and friends,

Eve with Cramp Bark Tree That's High in Calcium

Our Calcium-Rich Cramp Bark Tree

I thought I’d answer some FAQs about calcium:

  • Why are herbs better for my osteoporosis, back pain, charley horses, etc.?
  • Is [this] a good calcium supplement I bought at the store?
  • Why should I get my calcium from herbs instead?

Most store-bought calcium supplements (the white tablets, usually calcium carbonate – limestone or chalk, basically) are inorganic, ground rock or seashells and unusable by the body. The organic calcium in plants and herbs is bound with other vitamins, micro-minerals and nutrients and, therefore, fully absorbable and usable in the body.

Inorganic minerals can be accepted into the body, but not assimilated. The inorganic minerals then accumulate, lie in deposits in weakened parts of the body, only to later cause discomfort – bone spurs or kidney stones, for example.

However, calcium found in plants and herbs, is absorbed and assimilated for immediate use where it is needed – like in the bones, to prevent osteoporosis (along with exercise), and in the muscles to stave off muscle spasms, say in the legs or back. Our MNF or Herbal Multi formulas and Cramp Bark contain herbs loaded with organic, assimilable calcium.


Many thanks for helping my husband and me stay healthy while traveling in Mexico! We took the BWC and Bactotox regularly, and it was great.

PURPURA SPOTS – An Updated Testimonial

A progress report on the PURPURA case we cited a few weeks ago:

“My arms are doing great, Have not had any of those big (or small) Purpura spots, when my skin would literally split open and immediately bleed after I had lightly bumped my forearm.”

Be well and stay hearty,

Doc Eve

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Prostate: Soothing & Protecting from Inflammation

Prostate: Soothing & Protecting from Inflammation from
PROSTATE SWELLING and/or INFLAMMATION that causes “Sleepus Interruptus” (as I like to call it) can be reversed with the TATE: I formula and HERBAL MULTI, because the herbs in these formulas soothe and promote the reduction of prostate swelling without the long-term side effects that come with drugs or surgery.

It’s the swelling and/or inflammation of the prostate pressing against the bladder that ruins a good bike ride or wrests men out of the arms of Morpheus and a good night’s sleep.  Symptoms might include:

1. Finding it difficult to start urinating.
2. Slow, weak stream that stops and starts.
3. Continued dribbling after urinating.
4. Returning to urinate again minutes later.
5. Unusual urgency to urinate.
6. Pain while riding a bike.

This man, referred by his wife for a phone consult, was up every 2 hours to visit the toilette as part of dealing with his swollen prostate, or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). Due to his weight, size and severity of symptoms, I started him on the maximum dosage for both the TATE:I formula and the HERBAL MULTI for an initial period of 3 weeks.

When his nights became restful and free of interruption, we slowly lowered the dosages until we had the right maintenance levels to keep him sleeping through the night.  As he said, “Beats surgery!”

BUY 4 BOTTLES, GET ONE FREE thru Monday, April 30th

To optimize effectiveness, you’ll need to take these formulas at maximum dosages for your size for several weeks. And to make it a little easier to purchase these formulas, we’re offering, through April 30th, 5 bottles for the price of 4:

5 bottles of TATE:I formula (normally $90 @ $18 each) for $72 – Save $18
5 bottles of HERBAL MULTI (normally $80 @ $16 each) for $64 – Save $16

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This offer is not available on our website store.

Thank youto Abby Adorney, Krista Bates, Sandi Getten, Jennifer Norris and Jean Soloner for referring others to our work and the wonderful herbs.

Wishing you a lovely and renewing spring season,

Doc Eve

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If your pancreas could talk to you:Too much sugar can lead to Type 2 Diabetes

“Sorry, but I needed to get your attention, so I had to get to you where you’d inevitably notice – looking in the mirror. You look about as cheery as a Russian novel and your mood swings are positively dizzying. You feel a tad queasy and your middle seems to be bloating up overnight. Your energy fluctuates between racing around like a scalded cat and passing out on the sofa, and this is happening more frequently.

“You see, during your healthy jags, when you quit bombarding me with processed sugary junk food, my insulin facilitates the transfer of blood sugar into your body’s cells. In America’s 30+ million type 2 diabetes sufferers, this insulin-assisted transfer is disrupted causing glucose to build up in the blood.

“The large amounts of sugar, alcohol and other carbohydrates you’re eating are overworking me – I’m beat! You don’t have to be a monument to culinary denial, but eat some clean vegetables, dang it! Clean fish and proteins, too.

“Make an effort to steeply reduce the sugars and other carbos, or you could lose me – and you really don’t want that. Besides the insulin shots and pills, the yeast and skin rashes are no fun, not to mention a body that becomes increasing more difficult to propel.

“Start with the Sugar Free formula to help with the sugar cravings and to promote stable blood sugar. Then take a look at the Hypoglycemia, Diabetes and the Pancreas diet in ‘Feeling Very Much Better’. And so you will – feel much better, that is.”

Some Type 2 Diabetes Facts:

  • 10% of the population have diabetes, up 382% from 1988 to 2014.
  • The risk increases with age, with over 1 in 4 affected at age 65 and up.
  • Weight is a factor and 71% of American adults are now overweight or obese. Children who are obese: 2-5 yrs (9.4%), 6-11 yrs (17.4%), 12-19 yrs (20.6%).
  • Diabetes is now the #7 cause of death in the U.S.

That being said… some healthier food choices, regular and sufficient exercise, and supporting herbal supplements can go a long way toward reducing your risks and improving your quality of life.

Be well and stay hearty,

Doc Eve

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The Flu

Dear patients and friends,The Flu 2017-18

That’s it, we’ve got it. It likes its new premises – us – and has moved in. Once it’s settled, just rest and go with the flow. Take enough of your Herba Pneu, Bactotox and Enhance to keep you more comfortable, but otherwise, don’t bother to “fight it”. Let it run its course, albeit a shorter one, because it will have its way. The time for acute doses has passed, they work best before we’re exposed, say at the gym, school, in a plane, restaurants, etc. – places with lots of people are hot beds for these mean viruses.

Usually, we’re miserably achy and some of us have the queasy stomach that goes with it – you know the one that prompts us to bemoan, “Just let me die! Just let me die!” while clinging to the porcelain in the bathroom. But all of us are so weak and tired, our bed calls and nothing much else will do.

If we’re lucky to have a member of the household not affected, these are some things they can do to help:

For the pain: For a throat on fire, gargle with warm salt water or warm water and apple cider vinegar 3-4 times a day. Your pain med of choice will probably need to be pulled out and put into service as needed for the body aches. Hot water bottles, heating pads and chamomile tea with honey and lemon are comforting. As much as possible, keep the hot water bottle on your chest, as it also helps calm the cough.

For the cough: Sometimes the meds are enough, but usually not, so the Enhance formula should be employed along with the Bactotox and Herba Pneu formulas. They will usually work in about 2-3 days. If it’s chest-ripping and rib-hurtingly severe, your MD may be kind enough to prescribe some codeine which sometimes works in a few hours.

For the malaise: Rest, of course, is ideal. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to be able to do so, sleep and sleep as much as possible. Sweating is great to clean the lymph glands. If that’s not easy for you, our homeopathic LMPH-DRN (Lymph-Drain) will help.

For the bronchi: Get tough and chew some raw garlic while inhaling the fumes. Eat pico de gallo with baked corn chips or celery, as much as is comfortable. Anyone who complains about the odiferousness surrounding us at that time, should eat the same things and no one will notice.

Hot soups including lots of veggies, garlic and onions will help. Miso is the simplest, my favorite being the white paste. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have friends who’ll prepare some soup for you, drop it on your front porch and run, all the better. Also, pineapple in any form is great for colds and flus and, of course, ’tis the season for citrus and its whole, natural vitamin C. Coincidence? Go for at least 2 pieces a day.

Make sure the bowels clear each day, otherwise your tenants will hang about even longer. An apple at bed usually works and/or prune juice. Use your bowel herbs as needed also.

Be well and stay hearty,

Doc Eve

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Jolly Holiday and Time-Out Dates

Dear patients and friends,

I hope you’ve already enjoyed the Gentian Root for your Thanksgiving digestion, a little gift we’re including with your holiday orders.

Of course, also, a last minute gift of a Therapy Pack or Herbal Formula works well for some of us, as in this little recent note I received: “I’ve bought a Therapy Pack in the past and loved the result. This one is for my husband.”

Quick FYI for HOT FLASH sufferers: try adding a cup of edamame, either to your dinner or late evening snack and see what happens…

OUR HOLIDAY SCHEDULEEve's Herbs Herbie the Cat Santa

We will be closed:
Saturday, December 23rd through Tuesday, December 26th and
Friday, December 29th through Tuesday, January 2nd.

Thank you to Terri Blake, Mireille Naanouh, Mario Tabet, Maroun Tabet, Mouhib Tabet, Veronica Valles and Dr. Joel E. Yeager for turning their friends and family onto the lovely herbs.

We wish you a lovely, recharging and joyful Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Be well and feel good,

Docs David and Eve

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