Spring Cleansing

Dear Patients and Friends,Spring Detox / Spring Lilac

Spring is giving way to summer in short order and some of us are looking to get our bodies beach-ready.  Well, more or less.


Detox Powder – This is primarily flax meal, psyllium husks and pectin to adhere to the holiday leftovers in the colon and drag them on out.  To make sure that the removal momentum keeps up, take one to two caps of either the Fiber Regulator (strong) or the Anti-Geotrichum (medium) with the Detox Powder.  The latter is in case you suspect that there are parasites building some little teepees in your colon. If you have BWC, that will also serve toward ridding you of the little pests.

Barley Grass Juice Powder A great chlorophyll, Nature’s deodorizer and power antioxidant, may be mixed in with the Detox powder as a vegetarian protein and a perfect non- constipating iron.

Use your Bactotox at this time also, to strengthen your immune system in removing any remaining viral or bacterial matter from the entire plumbing system which will give extra energy. Enjoy! Guidance and answering of questions re this Detox Package are on me until the end of June.

If you are boating this summer and seasickness plagues you, this little testimonial will cheer you on: “The Ginger caps worked beautifully to keep me from getting truly seasick on our one rough and rolling day at sea.”  I can send you Ginger capsules or you can buy them pretty much anywhere.

We’re taking some time out for ourselves the week of June 17 – 22, so we look forward to hearing from you well before then.

A joyous spring and summer to you with time for contemplating the navel,

Doc Eve

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Phone Glitches

Dear patients and friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have been having some intermittent problems with the connection on our phones.

Most calls seem to connect just fine, but a number of people have told us that they called our Los Angeles number (310-855-111), which now gets call-forwarded to us in Oregon, and just got silence, which we sometimes get at our end as well.

If you are trying to call us and get silence, or you can hear us, but we can’t hear you, please try one of these other options:

  1. Call our Ashland, Oregon land line: 541-482-2112
  2. Email us at:  doctoreve@evesherbs.com
  3. Fax us at:  541-482-1011

Sorry for the inconvenience, the phone company is looking into it and, hopefully, will have this glitch fixed soon.

Thanks for your patience,

Drs. Eve & David

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Gently Melting Off the Holiday “Protective” Layer

Dear patients and friends,Weight Loss

Finally, all the “good” holiday sweets are gone after surreptitiously eating them for that post-lunch drag or post-dinner sweetie… or just because it’s on the way to the laundry room.  Unfortunately, the best bet is to just bag what’s left and out into the trash it goes.

At the beginning, to help the “withdrawal”, make bigger salads, strewn with a couple of chopped dates and some marinated beets (both sweet), along with a piece of rye or sprouted grain toast. Also, see the recipes in Feeling Very Much Better – many are quite satisfying, really.

For a little help from our favorite supplements to aid with the weight loss and cleaning our poor overworked gut, you can use:

In helping those, the excess pounds start to retreat – just waiting for Valentine’s Day… good grief! And, FYI, if you have rectal itching/bleeding, add the BWC formula to the above. That should dispose of it in a couple of days.

A couple of Encouraging Testimonials:

1.  A patient e-mailed me to say, “The weight loss combo works so well, I’m down 20 lbs. in the last 4 months. I’m planning to keep it there and continue after the holidays.” Her combination is TQH, Patic Fe and the Detox powder.

2.  “I just want to let you know that I started using the Joy Blend again a few weeks ago when I was feeling pretty down about my slow recovery (a broken foot), and it’s working like a charm. Thank you.”

I suppose that if we keep some Joy going in our lives we do tend to eat less.

Now accepting American Express: For those who have been asking, we are now able to process your orders using American Express credit cards.

Thank you, for referring others, to:  Connie Alejos, Sheray O’Neill, Jennifer Rogers, Lawrence Santanello.

The healthiest of winter to you,

Doc Eve

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Joyful Holidays

Dear Patients and Friends,

We trust that JOY will be more than a nodding acquaintance for you this holiday season, and that it will be the only contagious entity around you and your family. This deer, shown here in our backyard, and her many relatives wander around our neighborhood creating little moments of joy for us.

We’re going to (mostly) close the office for a little while from December 22 through January 1st. It would be a little gift to us if you could place your orders ahead, so we can help with any needs before the true holiday madness sets in.

If you’d like to make my most toothsome and favorite holiday dish, remember the yam soufflé found in “Feeling Very Much Better” on page 161.  I’ll be happy to gift you a book for the occasion upon request.  I added some candied walnuts to grace the top this year instead of just the plain walnuts – an extra treat already requested again for next year. Ho hum, how easy to add those extra calories.

To disillusion those calories, by shortening their stay in your plumbing, go ahead and use the Gentian Root, BWC or Anti-Geotrichum when you arrive home with stretchy elastic pant waists fully extended. In case you’ve run out, we’ll have a free bottle of Gentian Root for you up until the New Year with any order over $50.

When traveling (especially flying), here’s a little testimonial to keep the immune system on the job and allergies in check:

“We were going to New Mexico and Colorado in mid-October. I decided to pack my Herba Pneu and Bactotox, since we were going to be spending a lot of time outdoors and I have allergies to numerous pollens, etc. I took two Herba Pneu and Bactotox each AM & PM throughout our trip and used a saline nasal spray each evening. I had NO congestion or sinus problems throughout the trip or after returning home. My husband was sniffling and taking decongestants daily.

“One of these days he’ll try the herbs…”

Saluti, Prost, Cheers and wishing you a time of contentment,

Drs. Eve and David Campanelli  Snowman
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Holidays 2018 – Here We Go!

Dear Patients and Friends,Holidays 2018 are Here!

We wish you a healthy and joyful holiday season as it descends upon us with it’s many temptations. So, for this season’s special, to help with the wild and crazy emotional ups and downs, I thought we’d offer our Joy Blend formula, discounted through the holidays, to help things along for yourself and/or someone you love.

Joy Blend is most effective as an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and anti-neurotic. Being a heart tonic, and the heart being the seat of our emotions, it serves double duty. The regular price is $16.00, but from now until December 31, 2018 we’ll slip it to you under the table for $9.00.

My book, Feeling Very Much Better, is $5 instead of  the regular $11 for the season as they do make a good gift for the New Year’s resolutions coming right up.

Since flu season is going strong again and we are more vulnerable when stressed, do remember to have spares of your good immune friends handy, as they are often given away to other sufferers at this time. Bactotox of course, as well as the AHCC, Enhance and the trusty Herba Pneu.

A patient who always has the Bactotox and AHCC on hand recently called to say he was sticking with these because, “I tell you, I just never get sick.   So, thanks.”

If Halloween candy is your little downfall, do remember the Sugar Free to take in the evening especially to work overnight to support the pancreas.

We thank the following people for recently referring:  Donna Carkeek, Krista Miller Bates, Vickie Myles, Robin Smith and Diana Yanez.

Sending you joy and contentment,

Doc Eve

From So. Calif., call 310-855-1111 / Otherwise, call 541-482-2112

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