Low back pain referred from the stomach or intestinesOddly enough, when back pain seems to be coming from our desk jobs, household jobs or a zillion other backbreaking jobs, it may actually be caused by indigestion and, especially, constipation.

If this rings any bells with you, give this a try – just eat mostly veggies for a couple of days along with taking the Patic Fe, Anti-Geo or the Natural Herbal Laxative to move things along and clean up a bit.  Add the Cramp Bark to help ease “cramping” in the back and promote ”un-cramping” of stomach tension.  If the cause is just this, it means that the congestion in the colon and small intestine is causing referred pain to the same nerve levels of the spine that go to the pain areas in your back, making it ache and ache.

That’s why when we spend some effective time in the bathroom, and have a lie-down on a heating pad, it will often just magically vanish.

A woman with nausea and stomach pain e-mailed, “Just a note to tell you that after receiving the herbs, I was feeling better in 2 days. I also had a massage and she massaged my back and stomach area…told me to drink more water, and that I had a lot of gas.  Now, I’m back to normal….thanks again.”

On another gut-related topic…

A woman with Barrett’s Esophagus wrote, “Oh, and I forgot to tell you.  I went for the H. Pylori breath test a couple of weeks ago, and the test was NEGATIVE – no signs of H. Pylori.  Thank God I didn’t take the antibiotics and reached out to you [instead]! Also, he said… the fact that the Barrett’s Esophagus is gone is ‘a miracle’.  That’s not supposed to happen.  So, I really lucked out.”

The very best of health to you and yours this autumn,

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