The Best Way to Eat Eggs is in a Colorful SaladWhile this probably isn’t news to you (Eve having nagged you with it for years), eating your eggs and other proteins with plenty of veggies, has now been backed up by researchers at Purdue University* with yet another good reason for this delicious combo.

Their protein of choice for this study was whole eggs, further vindicating egg yolks from the cholesterol hoax that was created to promote statin drugs.  The study found that eating whole eggs with raw veggies increases the nutritional benefits received from the vegetables.

They credited the fat portion of the egg yolk as the main factor in boosting nutrient absorption from the carotenoids in the yellow, orange and red colored veggies.  The amount of absorption and benefits increased with the number of eggs and colorfulness (more carotenoids) of the salad.

Three groups of young men were given three different salads, each with ½ to ¾ of a pound of mixed raw veggies that included romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, baby spinach, tomatoes and Chinese wolfberry (goji berries).  One group had no eggs in the salad, the second group had 1½ scrambled eggs and third had 3 scrambled eggs (boiled, poached, etc. is fine too).  The more eggs, the greater the amount of absorption of carotenoids – 3 to 9 times increased cartenoid absorption than veggies alone.


The key to the salads was the variety of colorful veggies for the different types of carotenoids.  And as they believe that it is the oils in the egg yolk that are increasing absorption and nutritional benefits, similar results can be enjoyed using fish and/or olive oil rich dressings.

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