Calcium Deposits of the BreastCalcium Deposits of the Breast

A Testimonial:  “I remember some years ago my mammogram showed calcium deposits in my breasts and I was terrified.  I called you and you inquired about my diet.  When I informed you, among other things, that I ate cow yogurt every morning for breakfast, you suggested that I change to goat milk yogurt.

“Well, 6 months later the mammogram photo was a duplicate with no additional deposits and I was so happy.  The doctor did not understand my comments, but that was OK.

“I discovered that goat milk products have an essential enzyme that my body requires.

“I have cleared up a lot of additional ailments and digestive issues with your Detox and Barley Powders in my morning smoothies, along with goat yogurt.”

Thanks again, “V”

Calcium deposits of the breast are touted by some doctors to be the forerunners of cancer, as I’m sure you’ve heard, though I think the jury is still out on that.  The way I’ve always worked with this, is by simply keeping the immune system so strong that these viruses — be they Ebola, cancer, herpes or the garden variety cold — are weakened before they can take hold.  And even if you are exposed, your body is well-prepared and has its snipers in place to bar entry.

Also, make sure you are not using any but plant-based calcium, like that found in the Cramp Bark, MNF or Bilica formulas, for proper absorption.

You know what these herbal guards are, of course — The ever vigilant Bactotox, the AHCC, the A-Defense and/or the Enhance formulas.

Swollen Gums Following a Root Canal

“R” had a root canal and crown procedure done, after which her gums started swelling.  She took the Bactotox for 2 days and, due to its anti-bacterial qualities, the swelling cleared up.

One of Our Holiday Gift Testimonials

“I would love the Pan D-2 as my holiday gift, because it sure keeps the candida under control at Christmas.”

Wishing you a Healthy and Joyous Holiday Season,

Doc Eve

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