Cancer Proofing Our Bodies – Part II

Cancer Proofing Our Bodies - Eve 42 Years Cancer Proof

Eve 42 Years Cancer Proof

In “Cancer Proofing Our Bodies – Part I”, we discussed WHY cancer proofing our bodies is a good idea.  Now we will discuss HOW to improve our odds of avoiding this all-too-common illness.  We will do this by strengthening our immune systems and bodies overall, whether you are thinking preventively or looking to add a natural approach to your current therapy.

Many factors, which are difficult or impossible to change, can affect the likelihood of  becoming ill from any specific disease.  These might include a family history of certain illnesses passed down through generations, or levels of environmental pollution where you live.  But there is much that we can do to stay strong and healthy while cancer proofing our bodies.

Where to Begin

We know that cancer can be caused by, and/or thrive on, an overload of toxicity in our bodies.  We take on these toxins through various sources which then lower our immune functions.  These sources include:

  • foods that are full of artificial sweeteners and colors, and loads of other chemicals never meant for humans to eat.
  • drugs
  • environmental pollutants
  • negativity
  • chronic anger

It makes sense then to cut back on those toxins or toxic states which we can control.

There is woefully little we can do about our environmental pollutants, except be aware and contribute on an individual basis.  However, we can review how we fuel our bodies with good foods and supplementing with the herbs.

All these aspects of eliminating toxicity in our bodies are written in easy-to-follow steps in my streamlined little book called, Feeling Very Much Better, which I originally wrote as a large doctoral essay about 33 years ago.  The Liver Chapter (6), having been written with cancer prevention in mind, is now being born out by nutritional suggestions from the American Cancer Society and other such lofty establishments.

The following Herbal Formulas can be used in various combinations, as needed, to assist us in cancer proofing our bodies:

  • AHCC – a formula with anti-cancer mushrooms primarily researched in Japan.
  • Carnivora from Germany, also known as Venus Fly Trap, promotes a healthy immune system, and selectively responds to abnormal cells only.
  • Enhance – a formula primarily from China is a powerful immune system regulator and liver cleanser.
  • Pau D’Arco – also known as Incan Lapacho or Tajeebo, has beneficial effects for cancer patients, including relief from chemotherapy symptoms.
  • Blend F  or 50/50 for adrenal support and to begin restoring a calm energy.
  • Nu-Liv to clear the liver, especially following chemotherapy.
  • Herbal Multi and MNF to help relieve and heal nerve damage, plus supplementing vitamins and minerals.
  • Sugar Free to support a compromised pancreas.

More personal combinations can and should initially be put together, of course.  This can be accomplished by putting together a package on your own, or we can assist you (see below).  These herbal formulas have no side effects except to help us feel better overall and to find that our outlook on life will improve.  This, in turn, is likely to increase our immune function.

All of the above formulas and my book, Feeling Very Much Better, can be found on our store, through our newly designed website,

Benjamin Franklin’s famous axiom, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, has never been more true, especially in regards to our health and the increasing challenges we face in environmental pollution and toxicities in our food supply.

Cancer proofing our bodies is often a team effort.  If we can be of any further assistance in your quest, please feel free to contact us.

Best of health to you always,

Doc Eve

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