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SPECIAL for May/June – Protecting the Heart and Eyes

Dear patients and friends,

The countryside here in Oregon is rather ahead of itself with its spring chores and I hope you are feeling ready for renewal as well.

SPECIAL for May/June for the HEART to stay strong and the EYES to see clearly

Eve's Cardio on Special |www.EvesHerbs.com

Eve’s Cardio

Peeper Keeper on Special | www.EvesHerbs.com

Peeper Keeper

We have the EVE’S CARDIO pulling duty to promote strong muscles of the heart, and the PEEPER KEEPER to support the health of the eyes, especially in the elderly against macular degeneration and cataracts.

THE SPECIAL:  BUY 2, GET 1 FREE.  For each 2 bottles in your order of Eve’s Cardio and/or Peeper Keeper, a third bottle is FREE.  Mix and match these in any quantities you like (e.g. buy 2 Eve’s Cardio, get 1 free Peeper Keeper, or buy 5 Peeper Keeper and 1 Eve’s Cardio, get 3 free Eve’s Cardio, etc.) – limit of 12 total bottles.

The Special on these two formulas will not be reflected on web orders through our website.  You must call us at the numbers below and ask to take advantage of the BUY 2, GET 1 FREE.  This offer will be good through the end of June.


We talked about spring allergies in the April 1st e-news and how the ALLER-TOTAL or ALLERDRAIN can take care of them without side effects.  Still, one sees and hears an extravagance of mucous all over the place.  Just remember that any cow’s milk products will make this even more extravagant.  Try goat, almond or rice milk and goat milk cheeses, yogurts and butters until it passes.


This is one of my favorites for whenever I get my knickers in a twist:  “A joyful mind is very ordinary and relaxed.”
-Pema Chödrön

Best of health to you always,

Doc Eve

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Best Way to Eat Eggs

The Best Way to Eat Eggs is in a Colorful SaladWhile this probably isn’t news to you (Eve having nagged you with it for years), eating your eggs and other proteins with plenty of veggies, has now been backed up by researchers at Purdue University* with yet another good reason for this delicious combo.

Their protein of choice for this study was whole eggs, further vindicating egg yolks from the cholesterol hoax that was created to promote statin drugs.  The study found that eating whole eggs with raw veggies increases the nutritional benefits received from the vegetables.

They credited the fat portion of the egg yolk as the main factor in boosting nutrient absorption from the carotenoids in the yellow, orange and red colored veggies.  The amount of absorption and benefits increased with the number of eggs and colorfulness (more carotenoids) of the salad.

Three groups of young men were given three different salads, each with ½ to ¾ of a pound of mixed raw veggies that included romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, baby spinach, tomatoes and Chinese wolfberry (goji berries).  One group had no eggs in the salad, the second group had 1½ scrambled eggs and third had 3 scrambled eggs (boiled, poached, etc. is fine too).  The more eggs, the greater the amount of absorption of carotenoids – 3 to 9 times increased cartenoid absorption than veggies alone.


The key to the salads was the variety of colorful veggies for the different types of carotenoids.  And as they believe that it is the oils in the egg yolk that are increasing absorption and nutritional benefits, similar results can be enjoyed using fish and/or olive oil rich dressings.

Buon appetito!


Best of health to you always,

Doctor Dave

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High Blood Pressure: One Person’s Success Story

If your blood pressure has been feeling a bit roller coaster-ish during the tax season, here’s a cheery story:High Blood Pressure

One Patient’s High Blood Pressure Testimonial

“Hi Eve,

“I just wanted to let you know, I’ve been taking your herb regimen [for High Blood Pressure] and I feel tons better.  I am embarrassed to say, I almost never remember to take them three times a day, but often 2 times a day, and once in a while just once a day.

“My energy is way up, and I haven’t had the dizzy/head rushes that I was having.  I went off of the blood pressure medication a couple of weeks ago (after closely monitoring what it read while I was on the medication).  It went up slightly, but seems to be staying in the low 130s/80s range, occasionally a bit higher, like 140s/low 90s, depending on time of day and activities.  But nearly always, I can just relax for 3-4 deep breaths and it will fall back into the lower range.  I feel quite comfortable about my health in that range, especially since noticing such a positive change in so many other areas after quitting the medication.  I have nearly stopped eating wheat (just a little here and there, in things like chile rellenos), and I believe as my nutrition gets better and I remember to take your herbs on a more strict regimen, that those readings will probably continue to decline.

“And man, I was reading about blood pressure and the W.H.O. (World Health Org.) standards, and the benefits the pharmaceutical companies got when W.H.O. lowered the definition of [normal] blood pressure to 120/80, which by default made half of mankind fall into high blood pressure diagnoses.  Really?  Half the people on the planet have something wrong with their blood pressure?  Seems a little fishy…

“Then the fact that some of the blood pressure meds have shown to increase risk of heart attack and stroke (including the one I was on), and doctors continue to prescribe them without so much as a blink of an eye.  It seems like an incredible crime to medicate so many people who don’t necessarily need it.  I can’t believe that so many physicians go along with it – they must know what a sham it is?

“Thank you so much for enabling me to start getting my health back under control and especially for getting me off those damn pharmaceuticals.  You are amazing, as always!!!!”

This patient used the basic High Blood Pressure Therapy Pack formulas of HBP, MNF and Blend F.

GOAT MILK for our Feline Companions

We adopted a couple of furballs a year ago, Guido and Ilsa, and they were not up to their kitty struts or shining coats.  Gassiness with sore butts was another little problem.

I tried giving them some goat milk along with their dried food and now they are glowing and pouncing every which way.  They both lap it up, though I’ve noted that they often wait a day before they do, to let it sour – i.e., turn to something like yogurt for that good bacteria.  Clever kitties.

Many Thanks

For referring others to us, more heartfelt Thanks to Robin Hart Cohen, Liz Heller and Aisha Mason.

Best of health to you always,

Doc Eve

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Olive Tapenade: Quick, Delicious, Healthy

Olive Tapenade is the simplest recipe of the lot – just 3 ingredients.

Eve's Olive Tapenade

Eve’s Olive Tapenade

2 cans (12-16 oz.) of pitted black olives
3-6 peeled lg. cloves of garlic, depending on size
¼ to ½ cup (4-8 Tbsp.) of olive oil

With a colander, shake and drain the olives a couple times and set aside while peeling the garlic.

Using a Cuisinart, or similar food processor, with the chopping blade, toss in the olives and garlic cloves, then drizzle the olive oil on top.

Blend using the pulse button 1-3 times, check for desired consistency with a rubber spatula, and voilà.

Olive tapenade is a most toothsome hors d’œuvre on fresh rosemary/olive bread, thin rice crackers, celery, sliced carrot or most any other favorite veggie.  We also like to use it as “butter” in a sandwich or wrap.


A patient recently emailed us with feedback on pain relief for her dog and an elderly family member:

“…with the BILICA, however, I would like 4 bottles.  My dog is loving it and has had a MIRACULOUS recovery from a bum knee!  He needed surgery several months back and now he is walking, jumping and running again!  Amazing.”  I later found out that she offered the BILICA to her 92-year-old father-in-law whose knee it also helped.

And just in the last couple weeks, my mother-in-law, who is 88 and now living with us in Oregon, is enjoying much relief from arthritic pain in her hands and hips using the BILICA in conjunction with the AR+ formula.

This combination of BILICA and AR+, by the way, is what you’ll find in the Dog Joint Pain Therapy Pack.


“We could begin to contemplate the fact that nothing is as solid as it seems.”  Pema Chödrön, from Start Where You Are


For referring others, thank you to:  Barbara and Dan Anderson, Steve Butler, Sharon Gilchrist-Garrett, Melissa Hyland, Gabriela McCallister and Kelli Stewart.

Best of health to you always, and to keep the vampires away, and the odor at bay, may your friends share in your tapenade,

Doc Eve

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ADD and ADHD Are Manageable Without Drugs

ADD and ADHDADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) have been the go-to diagnoses for some time now in cases where teachers and parents find children to be constantly moving, unusually distracted and not paying attention. More and more adults are also receiving these diagnoses. We usually experience this as feeling mad as a rabbit on skates.

The drug most commonly prescribed, Ritalin, is the drug of choice in around 85% of cases in children – that’s millions of children.  Adderall is also commonly given and while in a different class of drug, both are, ironically, stimulants. Most of us know that these disorders are not caused by a deficiency of prescription drugs – that can have some pretty nasty side effects.


A 2007 study in the The Lancet, a British medical journal, demonstrated that sodium benzoate, a food preservative found in many  salad dressings, jams, fruit juices, carbonated drinks and other foods, causes ADD and ADHD in susceptible children.¹

Generally, however, the sheer amount of sugar and junk food in children’s diets is the most common culprit and has added to the numbers of overweight and obese children as well as the frightening increase in diabetes.

CASE IN POINT:  A long-time patient of ours has a son who had been experiencing ADD symptoms; the most disturbing of which was confusion. After using the diet in my book, Feeling Very Much Better (FVMB), and taking a personalized version of the Therapy Pack, his confusion and ADD were gone.

We got a call from his mom recently, saying that he had a setback when he ate 4 Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting and within 60 minutes was back to feeling confused again. Nothing like a little immediate feedback to prove a point for him. He’s now back on track.


To help deal with sugar cravings and provide a food plan to promote reversing the causes of ADD and ADHD symptoms, we have two Therapy Packs available. The child’s version includes homeopathic liquid and small, pleasant-tasting pellet supplements for children up to age 13. The Adult Therapy Pack has herbal capsules suitable for ages 14 and up. Dietary instructions are also provided. Additionally, you will receive a copy of my book (FVMB) containing lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid, as well as some easy and great tasting recipes to help the process along.

Our bodies were designed to heal themselves. ADD and ADHD can be reversed by eliminating the harmful things going into our bodies and using healthful nutrition and supplements to provide the deficient nutrients.

I hope you find this article and these remedies helpful and if you have any questions, I can be reached by phone or email for further assistance (see below).

Best of Health to you always,

Doc Eve

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¹  McCann, D., A. Barrett, A. Cooper, et al. “Food additives and hyperactive behavior in three-year-old and eight-and-nine-year-old children in the community: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial.” Lancet. 2007 September 5, PMID: 17825405.


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