The “sugar blues” can be tiring enough to put us to sleep – not so good for a work day, especially as it also causes depression.  While we’re actually eating sugar, of course, it gives us a zip of energy, but later dumps us.  The insulin-producing pancreas, which helps us utilize the sugars we eat, becomes tired and temperamental, and we need to pacify it because it’s the only one we have.

Sugar cravings can be as strong as some drug addictions, so the herbs that step up to the plate for that and help us deal with it are a wonderful thing indeed. If it’s a genetic predisposition, as it can be in hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia (diabetes), it would be a good idea to always have these herbs around in case we fall off the wagon during special celebrations – birthday cakes and trips to the ice cream parlor when visitors are in town, etc. – you know what I mean.  See the Therapy Packs below for support and relief:

We all know what assaults the belabored pancreas – all types of wheat bread, sweet things, alcohol and the mainlining of sodas and caffeine, not to mention the hidden sugars in packaged foods.  They offer temporary highs, but the thing is, what goes up must come down, so the mind-blowing fatigue and the “blues” result.

My weakness is dark chocolate, which is fine on days I’ve had no other sweet things, but not O.K. if I’ve had a margarita and dessert the night before.  We get to know our own body and can be nice to it accordingly, especially when we can use the herbs to soothe the wild cravings.

DO THIS AT HOME (to test your sugar tolerance)

Muscle Test for Pancreas and Sugar Tolerance

Muscle Test for Pancreas and Sugar Tolerance

The photo at left shows how you can actually check it yourself by having someone “challenge” the latissimus dorsi muscle, which tests the strength or weakness of the pancreas. Test it gently and firmly, it is not a wrestling match.  If it is strong, it is likely you are blessed with a genetically strong pancreas – lucky you.

You can then test your favorite form of sugar you like to eat by holding it on your tongue or in your other hand. The muscle will often go weak.  If the muscle is weak to begin with, test the Sugar Free formula, by putting it against the body, to see if it will strengthen the muscle.

Of course, we have a number of formulas to strengthen the pancreas if the Sugar Free formula is not the right one.  It’s a nice, easy way to see if the type of sugar you are testing is very weakening to your system or has a moderate or no effect.

How to test the latissimus dorsi muscle:

The “patient” being tested:

  • May be standing or sitting, and should have no pains or problems with the shoulder joint.
  • Keep the arm straight, elbow locked, and rotated inward so that the thumb and inside of the elbow face in toward the body.
  • Attempt to hold the arm tight against your body while being tested.

The “doc” doing the testing:

  • Stabilize yourself and the “patient’s” shoulder with one hand.
  • Other hand on the “patient’s” wrist and gently attempt to pull the arm away from the body (don’t jerk hard).
  • If it locks tight, it’s a strong muscle.
  • If it trembles or has no resistance, it is a weak muscle.

There are many other causes of fatigue such as poor sleeping, illness and prescription drugs like statins (for cholesterol), high blood pressure meds and anti-depressants.  But the above suggestions are a good place to start and the chain reaction will help us feel better overall.

Do look at the pancreas section (ch. 8) of my book, Feeling Very Much Better, for foods to eat and to avoid.

Here’s to feeling very much better!

Sending restored energy,

Doc Eve

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