Causes of Fatigue:  ConstipationConstipation is the second in the causes of fatigue that needs to be considered.  When you’re constipated, your body is trying to move the waste but is having trouble, so much energy goes to that effort, which can be herculean.  Thus, relieving constipation will usually restore your energy.

Natural Ways to Ease Constipation

With Juice:  Try drinking some prune juice diluted with warm water first thing in the morning.  Adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice makes it more effective still.  Fill 1/4 of the glass with the prune juice and lemon and the rest with warm water.

With Body Points:  The first three are reflex points that you would rub in a circular motion with light to medium pressure.

  • Point 1 is located about 1 inch down and 4-5 inches to the right of your navel; or 1/3 the way from the ASIS (pelvic bone bump) to the navel.
  • Point 2 is at the front of the right shoulder – just roll off the shoulder bone toward the chest.
  • Point 3 is in the center of the widest part of the calf muscle.
With Acupressure Points:  Roll around until you find the most tender part and hold it for a minute or two until the tenderness subsides.

  • Point 1 (LI 4) is located on the back of the web of either hand between the thumb and index metacarpals (palm bones), closer to the index.
  • Point 2 (LI 11) is found by bending the elbow and following the crease to the outside, but before the bone.
  • These two points are also good for relieving some types of headaches.
If these only help some, or it returns regularly, and you feel you need herbal laxative and dietary help as well, try our Constipation Therapy Pack in the Store on our website,

Frequently, a major contributor to constipation or indigestion is tension.  Eating when upset, while running around or standing at the sink, etc., is common – we all do it at times.  Once our entire plumbing system is running smoothly again, the extra energy that was focused there can again be used elsewhere.  It may be for healing another part of the body, taking favorite walks, being able to focus at work again or just feeling joy.  A soothing abdominal massage will often be comforting and stress-releasing:

  • Use the palms and fingers of both hands to circle the abdomen in a clockwise direction from the rib cage down the left side to the pubes and back up the right.
  • With light to medium pressure, keep the right hand in contact with the abdomen as it circles, and have the left “hop” over the right as it passes it.
The detoxification section (Chapter 2) in “Feeling Very Much Better” is the one to look at for foods to eat and avoid, as well as other herbal recommendations to help with constipation.  The Therapy Packs also come with a concise instructions outline, not too long, when time is short.  Enjoy.

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