Energy, Fatigue and the MetabolismThe thyroid gland in the neck is most often the gland treated for fatigue and metabolism issues.  When thyroid treatment alone does not work, however, it usually means that the adrenal glands (the “fight or flight” or stress glands that sit like little hats on top of our kidneys) have been overlooked, and both need nutritional support simultaneously.

When the adrenal glands are bullied each day with common stressors like long hours, mental strain, excessive caffeine, sugars, energy drinks and other stimulating recreational drugs, they tire and, in time, go into “adrenal exhaustion”.  At that point, the thyroid has to take over and also becomes overburdened.

Herbal and Food Support for the Metabolism and Stress

Both the adrenal and thyroid glands make up the business end of our metabolism.  A good metabolism has a great deal to do with energy levels, which in turn affects our weight, which in turn again affects our energy, and round it goes.

This is one of the reasons that using adrenal support first is usually a more permanent “fix” for the metabolism, since these herbs help the thyroid as well.  The TQH formula and the Rhodiola Root Extract support the adrenals beautifully, especially when accompanied by our Cramp Bark or Herbal Multi formula.  Together with the homeopathic Thyroidinum, these can all be found in our Thyroid Imbalance Therapy Pack – Female and Thyroid Imbalance Therapy Pack – Male in the store on (or just click on the appropriate photo).

Often it is a little calmness we want first to let our poor, flogged adrenal glands relax and recuperate.  For this we would use the MNF formula and the Vervain to nourish, calm and soothe.

Also, look at the Reproductive/Hormonal System section (Chapter 7 that covers metabolism) in my book, Feeling Very Much Better, for food suggestions and recipes.  This, together with some exercise and meditation, will allow the adrenal and thyroid glands to get up and, once again, do their own work in a more balanced metabolism.

Best as always,

Doc Eve

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