Balanced Cholesterol & a Healthy HeartThat’s right, it’s not the cholesterol  that’s causing all the heart disease in America.

Despite the fact that we constantly hear that we should eat a low or non-fat diet and take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, which one third of all Americans are now doing, more Americans are dying of heart disease than ever before – 600,000 a year (1 in every 4 deaths) – the leading cause in both men and women.  And the obesity rates have doubled in the last 20 years alone, NOT by chance coinciding with the low-fat diet craze.

Half of all people who have heart attacks have what is considered to be high cholesterol levels and the other half have low to normal levels.  It’s time to question the bad-mouthing of this substance that is essential for life and is naturally produced by all animals, including humans.

If Not Cholesterol, What DOES Cause Heart Disease?

Diet is the major factor regarding heart disease.  As mentioned above, doctors often recommend a low fat diet to battle heart disease.  This is only partially correct.  It is correct because most Americans fill themselves with bad fats that cause disease.  It is incorrect because there are many foods with good fat that protect the body against disease.  Here are some prime examples of both:

Good Fats:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Goat milk products (cheeses, yogurt, butter)
  • Avocados
  • Flax

Bad Fats (or what produce it):

  • Fried foods (including chips, doughnuts, French fries, etc.)
  • Polyunsaturated vegetable oils (corn, canola and others)
  • Processed sugar (bakery goods, candy, desserts)

It’s the combination of too little of the good fats and too much of the bad fats, but ALSO the high blood sugar from too many processed carbohydrates (resulting in high blood insulin) that leads to inflammation of the blood vessel linings.  This results in strokes, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

WHAT TO EAT for a Healthy Heart and Balanced Cholesterol

  • Plenty of complex carbohydrates in the form of colorful vegetables and fruits.
  • Protein-dense plant foods such as quinoa, millet, nuts, beans and even some dark green veggies.
  • Starches such as brown or wild rice and potatoes (with veggies, not meats).
  • Drink pure water in between meals.
  • Any animal products should be wild-caught for fish,  organic, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free lean meats, or organic, free-range poultry, eggs and dairy products (preferably goat).  They contain, among other nutrients, vitamin B-12, iron, zinc and protein.  Keep in mind that low quality, chemical-laden animal products, or an excess of animal products of any kind (especially when combined with processed carbohydrates), lead straight back to the diseases discussed above.

Why Herbal Supplements Fill the Need

In studies, heart disease and inflammation due to vitamin B and C deficiencies do not respond to isolated, lab-produced, synthetic vitamins.  Individual tocopherols and ascorbic acid are only portions of the vitamin B and C complexes.  The full range of B complex vitamins and whole vitamin C in their natural forms are needed.  In other words, get your vitamins and minerals in their natural packaging by eating whole, plant foods – like herbs!

Hawthorne Berries, Yucca, Garlic, Motherwort, Cayenne and other herbs found in the following Eve’s Herbs formulas contain these whole vitamin complexes, plus the minerals, trace minerals and other nutrients that support the nutritional needs of the heart and blood vessels and balance cholesterol levels:

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Combinations of these, plus dietary recommendations can also be found in the Eve’s Herbs Therapy Packs:

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In health,

Dr. Eve, Dr. Dave & Joey

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