A very peaceful and joyous holiday season from us to you.  We are glad that you’ve taken advantage of our free phone consultations and a free bottle of the Eve’s Herbs formula of your choice with orders (still available through Jan. 2nd – see our blog on 11-10-14).


Since chronic diarrhea in the elderly is often worse during the holidays, the following supplement will be timely.  It is such a very common, painful and embarrassing misery, yet few know that it is usually very easily fixed with the right fiber.  Fiber is one of the most important nutrients to the human body, allowing us average citizens regularity in our bathroom activities and helping to prevent a host of diseases.

The one we’ve found to be the best over the course of over 40 years, is the DETOX formula we carry and use.  It softens hard stools, stops diarrhea, and is a bulking agent and detoxifier of the bowel.  The person will feel the relief of generally improved digestion and absorption of their food as well.

If there is painful constipation though, instead of diarrhea, a laxative like the Fiber Regulator or Patic Fe would need to be used with it.  In a perfect world, the ideal answer to this is to simply eat more whole plant foods, of course.  But by the time we get to being politely called “elderly”, habits die hard, so this gentle (DETOX) powder of flax, psyllium, pectin, mint, etc., will take care of either problem.


I thank the following people for referring loved ones or friends to us for our herbs:  Jennifer Hill, Carolyn Hudson, Steve Marosi, Molly O’Melveney, Vickie Myles, Jane Rogers, Kate Stewart and Holly Wilde.

Happy days, see you in 2015 feeling better than ever,

Doc Eve

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