Chronic Pain from injuries and inflammation


Chronic pain from injuries and degenerative diseases like arthritis are a nightmare, often requiring heavy hitting pain meds, at least initially. I’ve worked with many sufferers of chronic pain who unwittingly continue eating highly acidic foods.

Acidic foods aggravate inflammation which, in turn, increases pain.  As a rule of thumb, avoid coffee, colas, processed foods, cooked tomato products and sugars/sweeteners and increase fresh vegetables and fruits.  See our alkaline kidney diet in chapter 5 (p. 53) of my book, Feeling Very Much Better.

I’ve gone through several bouts of chronic pain more than once myself – I did it many years ago with the gift of a cappuccino machine, which made divine coffee while eroding my menopausal shoulder joints.  I’ve noticed that when the worst is over, if I eat a large salad 1-2 times a day, it cuts the pain by about 25%.  Adding fresh lemon or lime water during the day, and taking my morning herbs with black cherry juice, helps some too. Fresh fruit an hour or two after dinner can also cut the pain.  The goal is to keep the system as alkaline as possible.  And, no… alkaline water by itself is not of much help if the diet is still acidic.

Taxing the immune system and liver makes the pain worse, which is where the herbs come into play.  They further alkalize the blood and enable us to walk, or begin some other movement, in turn loosening up the stiffness from the chronic pain.

Healing Chronic Pain


Then, of course, there are the hot baths with epsom salts and any meditative exercises like yoga, tai chi, or qigong – or simply sit and meditate with focus on slow breaths.  While they may not eliminate chronic pain, improvement can be noticeable enough to begin cutting the pain meds.  This, in turn, eases the pain too, as long term use of pain meds actually increases chronic pain by ignoring the causes.

At the beginning, we can work together fairly closely by phone or email with herbs, doses, food and exercise suggestions until your own rhythm is established in maintaining a comfort level.

When you sum it all up, there is that light at the end of the tunnel that shows us an end to chronic pain is possible.


“Dear Eve, The BILICA and AR+ got rid of Steve’s (my boyfriend’s) back and elbow pain in 3 days.  Thanks again for your magic.” – K

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