Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis symptoms are something we’ve all experienced at one time or another – A stuffy nose you’re constantly blowing, drip down the back of the throat, head pain around the eyes, nose and forehead, difficulty breathing, etc.  But when it lasts for months or years, we want a lasting solution.

Chronic Sinusitis Causes

The causes of chronic sinusitis vary from nasal polyps, deviated septum and trauma to allergies and infections of a fungal, viral or bacterial nature.  And then there is the one that no one likes to acknowledge – the foods we eat.

The most common culprits in creating excess mucous, a perfect environment for the microscopic little varmints to flourish,  are cow’s dairy products and many processed foods including “white” foods like wheat, sugar, milk, cheese, chicken and artificial sugars.

Very often, chronic sinusitis is caused by parasitic infections in the intestines.  If you’ve had bloating, gas and constipation alternating with diarrhea, this is a strong possibility (more on these all-to-common parasitic infections in our next blog post).

Chronic Sinusitis Remedies

Most enlightened doctors will no longer give antibiotics for chronic sinusitis, since they rarely having long-term, if any, results.

The three herbal formulas included in our Chronic Sinusitis Therapy Pack will 1.) Quickly strengthen the immune system to support the body’s own ability to deal with the virus/bacteria, 2.) Act as an expectorant to drain the mucous and relieve the pain, and 3.)  Fortify and relieve the stress on the adrenal glands .  The package also includes dietary recommendations, my book and recipes.

A couple of patients of ours, who formerly suffered from chronic sinusitis and benefited from these formulas, sent us these email notes:

“Hi Dr. Eve, It’s been a year now without any antibiotics for sinus infections.  The Bactotox and Herba Pneu are working well for me!  The only other time I went this long, I had had sinus and deviated septum surgery!  Taking Bactotox and Herba Pneu was much less painful and more effective!  As always, thank so very much.  Love, L. K.”

A patient who was good and fed up with bouts of chronic sinusits after having endured them every 2 months for 10 years wrote, “Thanks to the Bactotox and Herba Pneu, 11 months and no sinus infections and no antibiotics!”

For long-term, lasting relief from Chronic Sinusitis with no bad side effects, click on the Male or Female version of our Chronic Sinusitis Therapy Pack below:

Chronic Sinusitis Therapy Pack - Male

Chronic Sinusitis Therapy Pack – Male

Chronic Sinusitis Therapy Pack - Female

Chronic Sinusitis Therapy Pack – Female







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