Sun Through Smoky AirRight now, in the dog days of summer, replete with wildfires, smoke and smog, we don’t have to feel like fully paid up paranoids to want to protect our lungs and bronchi. We already feel that bit of tightness in the chest and throat, coughing discreetly as the lungs try to eliminate any inhaled particles.

If you already have the Herba Pneu formula at home and are currently in the midst of respiratory distress, or are experiencing the aftermath of wildfire smoke, take an extra couple of capsules a day. Herba Pneu is an expectorant that promotes clearing the sinuses, bronchi and lungs. In other words, it will make that little cough work for you to eliminate particles or the products of infection.

For burning or irritated eyes, you might consider our homeopathic Dry Eye Relief drops and use them frequently to soothe them.

For other respiratory problems these Eve’s Herbs Therapy Packs are available:

Bronchitis Therapy Pack
Asthma Therapy Pack


  1.  WEIGHT LOSS as a Good Side Effect for Treating an Itch:  We got rid of a pre-summer make-you-crazy itch. No explanation from her medics after a few thousand dollars. She said it was, “Sensitive like it’s on fire”. We sent the O/N formula and Aller-Total. To top it off, she called to say she also lost 5 lbs. and asked how, so she could keep doing it.
  2. MIGRAINES GONE following Weight Loss Program:  A 73-year-old new patient called to say she was amazed that in one week she dropped 13 lbs., from 219 to 206, and that it was easy and comfortable. Although a little more time was spent in the bathroom, it suited anyway. What delighted her the most, though, was that she’s had no more migraines since she started her program a week ago. She was so glad they were gone as she had been having them almost daily all summer – something she was miserably “getting used to”.  “Oh, and by the way, I have a lot more energy!”  She loves the Detox powder, and will keep taking it, and will empty the capsules of Patic Fe, TQH and Sugar Free into the morning drink. It’s so nice to hear good news like this…
  3. ATRIAL FIBRILLATION:  “Your suggestions for A-Fib are working.”  Yay!!. She’s taking Eve’s Cardio, Joy Blend and Cramp Bark.

Best of Health to you as always,

Doc Eve

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