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COVID-19 is the latest epidemic virus to put everyone on edge, following the likes of SARS, MERS, H1N1 and other exotic flus which are usually worse for the people at the point of origin than for us here in the USA. While cases will continue to show up in the U.S., and some will be fatal, the odds of getting through this one tend to favor us when we remain calm (don’t stress), eat healthfully, stay well-hydrated, get enough sleep and strengthen our immune systems.

The highest percentage with severe consequences has been under 15% in people 80+ in age – that’s still an 85% survival rate. All other categories, including young children under age 9 (no deaths), and people with certain diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular or respiratory diseases) have had a 90+% chance of survival.

Flu shots are questionable since they zero in on one particular strain leaving the body wide open for everything else, rarely help with the current virus and sometimes cause more problems than they help. During the last flu scare, nurses at our local hospital opted to wear masks to work rather than subject themselves to the flu shot. To date, there is no COVID-19 vaccine anyway.

Prevention, as always, is our bodies’ best defense – caring for our immune system, which is frightfully clever when given a chance to remain strong and allowed to do its work.

This could be a good time to check out food intake to see if it’s likely to help the immune system or weigh it down. That goes for overweight too, of course. Check out the Liver Diet, which is also the immune system support diet, in my book, Feeling Very Much Better.”

Our suggestions for supporting the immune system are as follows:

The Enhance formula for serious long-term immune needs.

Bactotox – Our #1 immune support formula for quick response, along with the Herba Pneu which is chock-a-block with plant-based vitamin C and supports the respiratory system.

AHCC is another heavy-duty, long-term immune support formula which does not have the mildly laxative effect of the Enhance.

Cramp Bark or MNF have the much-needed extra calcium and magnesium that the body requires for a compromised immune system and building white blood cells to fight infections.

A rather toothsome aide is eating an orange and/or grapefruit each day which helps hydrate us as well.

Here to support your continued health,

Dr. Eve

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