Cursing from cystitis in an outhouseCYSTITIS, LOOK OUT!… THE R:I FORMULA IS BACK IN STOCK after being back-ordered for some time (available to ship this Friday, Sept. 11th).

The R:I is our go-to formula for all urinary tract infections (UTIs) including “Honeymooner’s Disease”, cystitis, bladder infections and all its myriad of other names.  Coupled with the G.B. formula, it’s also great for dealing with gall bladder and kidney stones.

It works quickly (within 1-3 hours), using three hefty doses for the day, ideally drinking an 8 oz. glass of warm water and lime with each dose.  Then throw in a few Kegel exercises just for the sake of a speedier delivery.

Tomato sauces and similar cooked-tomato products, along with wine and coffee are to be avoided at all cost while the infection still hurts and is clearly active, as the acidity will tend to aggravate it.

Sitting on a hot water bottle feels like heaven, and watermelon helps a lot too (not to sit on, silly, to eat).  For more support info to help vanquish cystitis and other related annoying and uncomfortable infections, see the Bladder and Kidney chapter (5) in Feeling Very Much Better starting on p. 53.


1)   Recovering from PNEUMONIA…

“Hi Eve,   I just wanted to share this [email] with you from my mom [who is] recovering slowly, but solidly, from Herbie the Cat sick with pneumoniapneumonia.  Thanks again for fixing someone else in my family!!!   Peace, K”

“Hi K,   I think they’re working really well.  I feel like I’m getting better all the time, but I guess I also have faith that the herbs are cleaning up my lungs and strengthening my immune system.  I feel a lot better taking them than any other medicine.  I think what they’re doing is a very gentle absorption of the damaged cells and mucous-y areas, so I don’t end up having to have violent coughing fits.  I’m really grateful to have them, and thank you and Eve so much.   Love, mom”

NOTE:  K’s mom used these formulas to clear her lungs and strengthen her immune system:  Bactotox, Herba Pneu, Enhance and Colostrum.

2)   A “Lifetime of CONSTIPATION”…

Herbie the Cat constipated and straining to move his bowels“During a lifetime of constipation problems, I have tried numerous remedies none of which work all the time, or work too well (causing the opposite problem) or are troublesome in one way or another.  I could never consume enough fiber, drink enough water or exercise enough to stay regular.  After this hit and miss frustration, it seems I have finally found something that works simply and reliably… your PS:SS formula.

Thank you, Dr. Eve!!”

Best of Health to You as Always,

Doc Eve

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