DAIRY ALTERNATIVES - THE PROS AND CONSSo, you’ve just found out that cow’s dairy is something that should be avoided.  This leaves the predicament of choosing one of the dairy alternatives.  Here are the three most popular dairy substitutes that are readily available to the public:

  • Soy
  • Almond
  • Rice

Now to differentiate one from the other, here are…

Dairy Alternatives and Their Pros and Cons

The Top Dog:  Soy Milk

*  Has been the most popular for some time, but is losing a bit of steam due to the prevalence of GMO soy.
*  Highest protein content of the three dairy alternatives.
*  It’s the fullest, or thickest, of the three, giving it an immediately satisfying consistency.
*  Soy has become notorious for genetic modification.  If buying soy milk, be sure to buy organic and non-GMO.
*  Obviously, not an option if soy allergy is present.

The Challenger:  Almond Milk

*  Medium consistency – lighter than soy, heavier than rice milk.
*  Almond milk is naturally sweet, so if taste is a major factor for you, then almond milk is a good place to start.
*  Again, this one is not an option for those with a nut allergy.

The Underdog:  Rice Milk

*  The most easily consumed of the dairy alternatives, by the largest population.
*  A pure rice milk product will have no soy, nuts or gluten in its ingredient list.
*  Hypoallergenic.

For the non-vegans, GOAT MILK  and its various delicious forms (cheeses, yogurts, butter, etc.) is also an alternative.

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PS – Here’s a meditative thought to go with your morning mug of tea:  “We could begin to contemplate the fact that perhaps things are not as solid or as reliable as they seem.”  – Pema Chödrön

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