Dehydration While Waiting for RainDehydration can sneak up on us.  Until the rains start, and air becomes moist again, be sure to stay hydrated.  The cooler weather can fool our bodies into drinking less, and the deception can lead to kidney and bladder problems with associated back pain.

We’re still dry and draught-stricken here in Oregon, too.  I’ve been doing some rain dances so the clouds will dump their precious stuff, but it seems my inner dancer is snoring.

Dehydration Symptoms

Aside from the obvious feelings of thirst, consider mild dehydration as a possibility if you are experiencing headaches, constipation, dry mouth, eyes or skin, unusual tiredness, decreased urine output, dizziness or lightheadedness.

If water doesn’t quench the thirst, the juicy seasonal fruits are much better equipped to do so.  They fend off dehydration better too, as the water doesn’t fly through our bodies as fast. Right now the apples and pears are at their peak, as are my favorite “meaty” black grapes, which will all help to:

1)  Plump up the skin again
2)  Re-moisten dry mouth and eyes
3)  Calm a pounding heart and
4)  Wake up a fuzzy brain

Juices are best avoided as they are too calorie- and sugar-packed, unless they are diluted with at least 1/2 to 3/4 water, especially if we’re already on guard against any hypoglycemia or diabetes problems.

Favorite herbs this month include all of the immune formulas as we prepare for “flu season” (see “Immune System” on p.21 in the Reference Guide section at the back of your Eve’s Herbs catalog for a list).  Also, the Patic Fe and Pan DM formulas for pancreas, liver and colon pick-me-uppers.

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