Ward Off Depression: Play in the Dirt

Ward Off Depression: Play in the Dirt

Depression compliments of the immune system?

Apparently, a worn and inefficient immune system can lead to depression.  Conversely, strengthening and supporting our immune systems (spleen, thymus and bone marrow, primarily) makes us happy, says recent research¹ connecting the dots between a haywire immune system and depression.

One of the reasons given is that we weren’t allowed enough harmless germs in our mere youths. Everything was sterilized of anything live, whatsoever. And then immunizations added insult to injury, disabling the immune system by taking away it’s job – it became indolent and unable to recognize the myriad invaders we come up against.

A healthy, employed immune system produces cytokines that tell the brain to produce the serotonin², which we need to feel happy – well, most of the time anyway. A course of action might be to make it O.K. to let an occasional minor infection have its way in our body, to take some time out and rest and let it get on with it.  I’ve always believed that allowing some small tremors can often prevent the big, major quake.

My Working Observations Linking Depression and the Immune System

What rang my bell, while reading this research, was remembering a recurring theme from when I first started in practice.  People I had given the Bactotox, were the ones that reported “feeling very much better”, and just “happier”, usually within a week.  Others also felt improvements in their general maladies, but didn’t quite have that “up” feeling along with it, unless there was a lot of adrenal and pancreatic support.  This has been a consistent result over the years.

One of my favorite thoughts on this topic is from an essay by Michel de Montaigne (II: 12, 629) – “What an outrageous sword the mind is, even for its owner…”

So, the upshot is… get a little dirty and let your, and your children’s, immune systems get some exercise in dealing with your everyday, garden variety, “bugs”, and give depression a much needed vacation.

Best of Health to you as always,

Doc Eve

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