Thands for 40 Splendid Years  and Many More to Come

Thanks for 40 Splendid Years and Many More to Come

There’ll be a free bottle of Eve’s Herbs Proprietary Blends with orders, as well as a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, to help us celebrate, with thanks, my 70th and the last 40 years of our work together.

In case the PATIC FE is one of your choices, IT HAS JUST COME BACK IN after being out-of-stock for a while.  It’s one of my very favorite formulas – my liver loves it, my digestion loves it, and my iron levels welcome it back also.  It’s great for all the above reasons and it has the Borage in it to take the edge off the Holiday Blues, though adding the Joy Blend makes it more of a sure thing.

This gift to you will start on my 70th birthday, Thursday, November 20th, and end on Friday,  January 2nd.

You might choose the Joy Blend for obvious reasons, or the A-Defense formula for the immune system – especially if you are flying, as planes right now are just moving petri dishes!

What for many people is the happiest time of the year, for just as many it brings on the gloom of a good Russian novel. You might look into our well-rounded Therapy Packs to fortify.  The Depression Therapy Pack (Female or Male), either for yourself or as a gift, and the Cold/Flu Therapy Pack, the next most popular one, are usually appreciated.  After all, we’ve all heard that prevention is better than… etc., etc.

I look forward to working with you over these holidays by phone or Face Time.

Here’s to “Feeling Very Much Better” as always,

Doc Eve

P.S. – The free phone consults are Tuesday through Friday.

From So. Calif., call 310-855-1111 / Otherwise, call 541-482-2112

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