May your 2014 be off to a good and satisfying start, while the sweet memories of 2013 prevail!

If you’re thinking of doing a light DETOX for the removal of holiday indulgences, perhaps getting ahead of a Spring Cleansing, the DETOX Therapy Pack is the easiest and most effective I’ve found.  For me, it’s get off the chocolate and prepare for my visit to the City of Angels.

Here are the details of our February 28th through March 8th, 2014 visit to L.A.

Work dates:  Eve – Saturday, March 1st through Saturday, March 8th
                    David – Saturday, March 1st through Monday, March 3rd

Address:      2711 Forrester Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90064.  There is ample 2-hour street parking on both Forrester and Monte Mar Dr.

The home is one block east of Motor Ave., just off Monte Mar Dr., in Cheviot Hills near Rancho Park .  This is a private home, and the entry to me is through the gate at the right side of the house (garage) where you’ll find us in the guest house in the rear.

Joey will be there assisting, and we do so look forward to seeing you!

Here are some of the latest and best of 2013’s  SUCCESSES AND TESTIMONIALS:
(Capitals and bolding are mine for easy scanning)

This first for a little guffaw!  “I always sleep like a baby — you know, wake up every 2 hours and cry.”  – Anonymous.  I could relate – thankfully some time ago now, as one of the good things about the herbs is that they generally have the nice side effect of improved sleep.

“I ordered the [therapy] pack for the treatment of PILONIDAL CYSTS and wanted to thank you immensely for the work that you do!  My cyst was completely gone within 4 days! I was so relieved that I did not need to go to my PCP to have it lanced! I have never had such success like I had with your products!”

“Hi Eve, It’s been a year now without any antibiotics for SINUS INFECTIONS.  The Bactotox and Herba Pneu are working well for me!  The only other time I went this long I had had SINUS and DEVIATED SEPTUM SURGERY!  Taking Bactotox and Herba Pneu was much less painful and more effective!  As always, thank so very much.”

“Happy Holidays!!! I would love to do a quick phone consultation. I have been taking the ACNE [therapy] pack for women and an interesting side effect happened…. My MOOD STABILIZED and I noticed feeling “HAPPIER.”  I would love to continue the [therapy] pack and wonder if that is okay? Also, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant so I would love to grab some herbs for that purpose also 🙂  let me know when you have a second. Miss you!!!”

“The most Magnificent Naturopath.  Trust me.  Eve Campanelli.  I moved from a LONG-TERM ILLNESS to health and wholeness in cooperation with her herbal remedies, love, wisdom and support.  THANK YOU, Eve.  As I approach my 50th birthday, I have a deep Gratitude for her healing presence and support during the illness I experienced in my 30s.”

FYI  “Using the herbs for my teen son’s ACNE (poor thing).  Dermatologist’s original antibiotic Rx was quoted at $968 – WITH insurance!  Had them change it to an Rx which then “only” cost $199 – PER MONTH.  They worked a bit, but for their cost we weren’t impressed.  Sooo, gave the herbs a try last month and not only did they work – OF COURSE !- they worked faster, better, are cheaper, AND natural/ Such a deal!!) so super grateful.  Thank you, thank Youuuu =) ”

“Unfortunately, WINTER ALLERGIES have hit us, we are thankful for your herbs which really make a difference to our whole family.”

“Also, my other sister Patty has been taking the herbs that you sent – she is really excited because her usual SUGAR CRAVINGS have been almost non-existent!!  She’s been really motivated and making a lot of life changes and she LOOKS GREAT!!  I’ll keep you posted after her next round of blood level testing!  I’ve always said – you keep my family healthy and I am more grateful than you know!”

“This PARASITIC INFECTION in my  intestine, was driving me crazy with the constant pain, cramping and bloating.  I’m in need of my herbs again (my stomach is nearly 100% I’m happy to report).”

M. hadn’t ordered for 3 years because she had taken the ENDOMETRIOSIS herbs for 8 months and then stopped after “some stuff came out” after which she had no more PAIN OR SWELLING.  Now, however, some PMS and irregular cycles are beginning again and we are back on the herbs.  Will keep you updated.

Another patient had no more CRAMPS OR “CRAZY PERIODS”, has a LIGHTER FLOW and most amazingly, her ECZEMA had stopped cracking and suppurating and begun tightening and smoothing.  She was taking the E:V for HORMONAL REGULATION along with the Cramp Bark to nourish and relax the female system.  The O/N to help the kidneys flush, the Enhance to deal with her immune system , and the Colostrum and Chia for lubrication and good bacteria for the plumbing.

A Wee Reminder:  The FREE PHONE CONSULT OFFER for both new and existing patients is still in effect through January 15th.

FYI – We still have some FLU PLUS left for FLU PREVENTION, especially in older folks and kids.

I THANK the following people very kindly for referring:  Robin Aveni, Dr. Tony Cahill, Michelle Celestino, Ann Ellegood, Denise Foley, Joan Foley, Sharon Gilchrist, Cindy Horwitz, Eileen Hsi, Lisa Paperno, Corinna Peipon, Allegra Pesenti, Annie Philbin, Roxanne Reese, Jane Rogers, St. Theresa Cancer Center, Ali Subotnick, Mario Tabet, Elaine Taylor, Cerina Vincent, Roy Vongtama, M.D. and Karl Wright.

Wishing you a  Healthy 2014,

Doc Eve

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