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Dear Patients and Friends,
I hope you are enjoying your summer and that you have time set aside to contemplate the navel and soak up the greenery showing off all around us.My next visit to L.A. will be from Saturday, September, 7th, through Saturday, September 14thI am hoping that you will book your appointments ahead of time so that I may bring your files down with me.  I will be working out of a private home in Cheviot Hills and will send you more details closer to the time.  I will have testers of all our herbs with me to use for the muscle testing, and at the end of the visit your order will be phoned up to David in Ashland and will go out on the same day with free shipping.  You will have your herbs in 2 working days.I very much look forward to seeing you and hope these little changes are not too muddling. We are also now blogging on our website, EvesHerbs.com, as well as Twittering and Facebooking, and any feedback, including comments on the blog articles on our website, would be lovely.

For anyone concerned with the body beautiful fitting into last year’s bikini, our Weight Loss Therapy Pack has taken off!! The results, going by the re-orders, have been quite heartening.  It consists of the Detox colon cleansing powder, Fiber Regulator, Patic Fe and TQH.

Weight Shedding Extras – On Sale while they last, now $14 instead of $16

1)  ACP formula – since one of the most important components to dropping some pounds is a good nights sleep, it is very helpful there, with its added benefit of soothing mild aches and pains.

2)  Pan D-2  is extra help for those sugar cravings which so often nag at even the most stoic of dieters.

3)  Vervain is not only useful for calming audition jitters but also to make “nervous eating” less likely.

Some people report that the Joy Formula has made all the difference in their lives in regard to renewing some joie de vie overall, thus less food needed.

I just received a re-order from the owner of our favorite gently aging Great Dane saying, “Astro says ‘Hi’ and thank you for making his later years so much more pleasant and functional.” I do so appreciate the feedback and it certainly is our great pleasure.  He takes Devil’s Claw and AR+ for his arthritis, especially in his hips, S Blend to help his adrenal glands keep him happier and also provide him with the cortisol he needs.  He also takes the ACP Formula for pain and restlessness.

Our Peeper Keeper Formula is in the news again.  Our patient wrote: “Thanks as always for your advice and the magical herbs.  Guess what?  I recently went for an eye exam and for the first time in my adult life, my steadily deteriorating vision got better!  It has to be the herbs”!!

From a long time patient – “I never want to run out of Bactotox or Herba Pneu!  Taking AllerTotal too – gave our cat a drop, a month later he sneezed a few times.  I gave him an additional drop – no sneezing since.  8 months for me without a sinus infection.  Unheard of – doing yard work and bicycling and no problems (I’ve always been allergic to several grasses, etc). “

Just fresh from a phone consult:  A woman from Illinois presented with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, digestive problems, “very bad” sugar cravings, fibromyalgia and swelling, especially of the face.

“I am amazed that I am feeling so much better physically overall, as if I were back on my pain shots, which I had to stop due to the unwelcome side effects.  What was unbelievable though, was that someone brought the best brownies ever and I only had one bite.  Normally, I would eat the pan.  The swelling of my face is totally gone which is great because of the wedding this weekend.  The pictures will be so much nicer.”

I am grateful to the following people for referring others and  recommending our Therapy Packs, phone consultations or personal visits:  Rhonda Beiley, Claudette Caraballo, Greg Gilchrist, Sharon Gilchrist, Ali Ironside, Jan Lewis, Jodi Lipper, Lisa Lipper, Thomas Mitchell, Sherry Revord and Trutina Maria Sowell.

A joyful and healthy summer to you and may your energy be wiltproof,

Doc Eve

From So. Calif., call 310-855-1111 / Otherwise, call 541-482-2112
Email:  doctoreve@evesherbs.com
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