Dogwood blooms in Spring 2013.




Dear Patients and Friends,

Tuesday, May 14th through Monday, May 20th is my next, and last, scheduled visit to our Culver City office.  I look forward to seeing you then, while plying myself with the Joy Formula. The future plan is to come to L.A. again around September.

I shall keep working with you by phone and, of course, to send your herbs to you as usual.  Any orders over $100 (about 7 bottles), are still free shipping.  I shall also maintain my small practice in Ashland, OR, should it ever be a part of your travel plans.

Nature is doing her thing again, wildly dressing up in her full sartorial splendor, and I hope you get to spend a few moments in awe of her talents.  Here, the winds are blowing and households, including cats, are sneezing.  Mac, our adopted 4 yr. old finicky, orange streak of a cat did a lot of sneezing last year.  I confess it was initially very funny, but alas, by the second day he looked a tad bored with it all, and I felt a bit sorry.  I managed to get 1 drop of the Allertotal into his mouth and, hard to believe, 1 more sneeze was the end of it.  This year, nothing needed so far.

For us bigger folks, the Allertotal is also sometimes enough, along with abstinence when it comes to any dairy from the cow and, of course, the much maligned wheat and gluten.  If your allergies are more temperamental and turn into colds, flus and bronchitis, with long dreary coughs, the Bactotox, Herba Pneu and/or Enhance or A-Defense, may need to be added.  It’s nice to know that these definitely help and give us some feel good energy into the bargain.


My favorite “mature” patient sent me this generous e-mail with his usual order of his herbs last month. “Celebrating 20 years this month being a liver transplant recipient. Thanks to Eve’s Herbs for bolstering my impaired, immune-suppressed system and staying healthy. YAY Eve and Eve’s Herbs.”

It’s after an e-mail like this that I realize I’m still in awe of the herbs after 35 years of working with them.  “Many happy returns to you, my dear A.”


This is a nasty purulent cyst at the base of the spine.  Most people have never heard of it, yet many people suffer from it. Surgical removal is rarely successful, as there is practically no flesh around the coccyx to allow healing without a skin graft – and then, it comes back anyway.  It has much to do with a high fat diet and a compromised immune system.  Our Therapy Pack for this misery works well and fairly quickly.  It internally cleans it out, externally drains it and empowers the immune and endocrine systems.
There is more info on this condition included in the Pilonidal Cyst Therapy Pack with food suggestions and no nos, my book “Feeling Very Much Better,” and the appropriate herbs, of course.  The following man sent this e-mail last month.

“Hello Dr. Campanelli, After receiving several (I lost count) cycles of strong antibiotics in the period of 2.5 years and a pilonidal cyst recurring, I found you online about a year ago and after buying your package I called you for further instructions. It was like a miracle ‘in conventional medicine’ I guess, in 3 days it opened up and drained on its own and a little bit of my manual help (I am a massage therapist). You recommended me to take Bactotox at least for 3 to 6 months but at the time I was going through a bad economical situation and I didn’t purchase any more of your medicine. Just today I had a flare up again, feeling very weak. I haven’t followed the guidelines in your book either, so I’m paying the price. I’d like to buy 6 months of the Therapy Pack now, in order to have a better quality of life and detoxing my system. THANK YOU in advance, there is no one or nothing like you or your products in the whole www.”


“Hey Eve! I hope you are doing well! I just ordered more herbs for my husband and thought I would forward his latest report from his pancreas doctor. See below. He is doing great and I definitely believe the herbs have played a large part in his recovery. My husband said his doctor wants to use him as a case study in how to manage and rebound from severe pancreatitis.

“So, many thanks to you for your advice and giving us an alternative way to heal and be healthy!”


This is another note from a teacher with her herbs order:  “I feel well physically and have avoided all the colds, flus etc, which is a miracle, as I teach kids! Even my allergies are much better!  Thanks! AI”


Our new Multi Herbal Formula is a multi for men and women.  It is a combination of the Male and Female Daily and the Skin Formula which have consequently been discontinued.  Because the herbs are easily absorbed and processed in the digestive system (containing the full complexes of vitamins, minerals and their constituents), they are vastly superior to the man-made vitamins which are hard to digest and contain processed B vitamins usually made from yeast – not ideal for people who struggle with the many forms of yeast infections.

I thank the following people for referring those in need:  Regina Archer, Robin Aveni, Nitza Ben-Yehuda, Terri Blake, Karen Bowman, Connie Brown, Stephanie Hammer, Cindy Horwitz, Ali Ironside, Jose Pajon, Stacy Rubeli and Kate McGregor Stewart.

I hope the rest of your Spring 2013 is allergy-free and renewing.

The very best of health to you as always,

Doc Eve

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Email:  doctoreve@evesherbs.com
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