Ear Infection With Pain and VertigoEar infection with pain and/or vertigo has had a number of patients calling me recently, so I thought I’d share my own little run in with it.

I made an appointment with a GP after waking up in the night with an ear pain that was giving me what-for in no uncertain terms. I am quite familiar with it since bursting an eardrum in a water skiing fall some decades ago. It tends to pop when I fly anywhere and I like to have it checked for complications, just in case.

Ear Infection Solutions Without Drugs

Of course, a same day appointment was not available, so I booked it for the next. In the meantime, I remembered the patient who called in the previous week with the same thing, and I followed my own advice:

1. The O/N formula to shrink the membranes.
2. The Bactotox, of course, to re-enforce the immune system in taking out unfriendly bacteria.
3. The Herba Pneu to clear any mucous, congestion and swelling out of the area.

Vertigo or dizziness can occur from the inflammation with an inner ear infection. I experienced it as a general dizziness and imbalance when standing. Others feel like the room is spinning, especially when sitting up from a lying down position. With ear infections, the immune-supporting Bactotox can work wonders here as well.

After a full day of the maximum doses of the above formulas, I woke up fine the next morning. David and I were able to make our yearly visit to the Ashland Japanese Garden with my mother-in-law to spend a little time in awe of nature shamelessly showing off her gorgeous autumn colors again.

Ashland Japanese Garden in Fall

Thank you very kindly to Gina Figueroa, Kory Heiken and Veronica Valles for referring their dear ones.

Best of Health to You as Always,

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