Dear Patients and Friends,Early Spring Allergies and Colds in Winter

It seems spring is a bit pushy this year and is presenting in the middle of winter – at least on the west coast. It’s always a good idea to have your Aller-Total, Bactotox and Herba Pneu ready to neutralize the garden variety allergies that turn into colds and other spring nuisances.

The Aller-Total works instantly to cut short the sneezes, itches, runny nose, etc., while the trusty Bactotox and Herba Pneu formulas both prevent or diminish the attack on any of the mucous membranes.

I’m working with more mouth infections lately, and a long-time patient wrote, “I got a weird infection in my tooth – the right side.  This happened once before on the left side.  Both teeth need new caps.  It was so painful that it knocked me out for a day.  Then I could hardly eat. I began taking the Bactotox the next day and it slowly went away. Now, I can bite down on that side and it doesn’t hurt. Yeah!”

Any mouth infections should, of course, be monitored by our dentist, who is often surprised that the herbs have resolved the problem. Maximum doses of (especially) the Bactotox need to be used for at least 4 days, so make sure you have enough.


LYME DISEASE cases, which have spread across the country to the west coast, can often also be helped with the herbs. A few weeks ago, I started a patient on the AR+ and O/N formulas. She had been struggling with Lyme Disease for about a year, and with those two formulas, the pain is now considerably less overall. The edema, which was a real bugbear, especially in the arms and legs, prevented her from sitting for any length of time. This was a real problem at work, but now she says she can sit for hours.

As you know, the AR+ formula is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, especially for arthritis, bursitis and the other “itises.” The O/N helps kidneys, bladder and allergies, but is primarily used as a diuretic when kidneys are not up for their job of relieving bloating and swelling.  As Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, we included the anti-bacterial Bactotox, plus the BWC and PS:HW formulas, to deal with parasitic-related digestive issues.

Best of Health to You as Always,

Doc Eve

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