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We will be away from our desks in Ashland from Friday, May 19th through Monday, May 22nd to attend our son, Joey’s, graduation from Pepperdine University and to celebrate earning his Master’s degree and becoming a teacher.  Yay!!

A number of dogs are still enjoying a prolonged and better life with the AR+ and BILICA formulas. I just received the following good news with positive side effects:

“Hi Eve, Wanted to see if you can send more AR+ formula. It is working so well for my dog!! I actually like it also. Can I get 2 bottles of that? The BILICA makes it even more effective.”

For those of us still working on streamlining the self, here are some “fat-scrubbers.”  You can eat them raw or cook them, I usually prefer a combination of both.  Many elderly digestive systems do not cope well with raw food only. Gently steamed, wok-cooked or baked still retain a lot of their scrubbing and nutritional values.  Baked potato, broccoli and an arugula or endive salad is just an example of what will still do the job. In fact, if you are just starting, you may finish up dealing with a detox headache. Take an OTC pain reliever if it’s bad – you’ll usually only need it for a few hours.

Cabbage (my personal favorite) – simmered in soups and stews, and raw to make slaw or just a hunk with some goat gouda. It can also be used raw as a “chip” for dips. It is high in sulphur and iodine which clean the mucous membranes in the stomach and intestinal tract. Touted to be particularly helpful for “pot bellies” as it helps to break down the fat in cells of the stretched skin on the stomach.

Brussel Sprouts – wonderful with a little nutmeg and sea salt, stimulate the pancreas to release hormones, and the minerals in the vegetable stimulate the kidneys to release water as well.  Together, the hormones and water then flush the adipose.

Sauerkraut (fermented without salt) – scours the mucous membranes of your entire body. Four ounces of sauerkraut a day loosens and breaks down fat particles and flushes them out of its own liquids.

Beets – help the liver and kidneys flush out floating body fats.  The iron in beets helps clean excessive fat accumulation from blood cells.  They also contain natural chlorine that washes fat from the liver, kidneys and gallbladder.  My favorite way to eat them is first steam and then marinate them. They’re good that way in the fridge for at least 3-4 days and make a great side dish.

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More foods in the next newsletter…

Thank you to Elizabeth Baudouin, Johan Beckles, Cass Coty, Jennifer Hill and Esther SamselI hope your spring fever is mild and you’re enjoying trees and flowers in their new sartorial splendor.

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