Fatigue and ExhaustionFatigue and exhaustion are symptoms that are the result of a minor or major primary cause. For this article, we will stick with the more common causes and how to deal with them.

Common Causes of Fatigue and Exhaustion

1)  Constipation:  Proper bowel function is very often overlooked as a cause of fatigue and exhaustion and should be the first thing to consider. Constipation may be interfering with the absorption of energizing nutrients in the intestines, while the lingering toxins in the waste matter will cause fatigue. Ideas differ in regard to what “regular” means. One patient said he was “regular” during  his first visit, which was at odds with my reading. A little later, I discovered that “regular”  to him meant once a week – maybe.

2)  Adrenal Exhaustion:  Stress and its effects on the Endocrine System, especially the adrenal glands, is another common cause. Overwork, plus the constant flogging of the adrenals with coffee, energy drinks, sugary foods and drugs, both Rx and non-Rx, will most definitely lead to fatigue and exhaustion. Mental fatigue will fit in this category and goes along with adrenal insufficiency.

3)  Pancreas Fatigue:  Insulin production from the pancreas metabolizes sugars for energy. Over-consumption of sugary foods, carbohydrates and alcohol can exhaust the pancreas over time. The logic of, “Well, it never bothered me before” doesn’t help, as the body puts up with all manner of abuses in our youth. But as the body ages, and these habits overwhelm the system, it will definitely let us know it is not pleased.

4)   Illness:  Your body may be fighting off a disease that’s going around the office or home and sending you signals to get more rest. Extra sleep will help your immune system do a better and faster job of eliminating most diseases.

5)  Lack of Sleep:  Pushing through longer and longer days with less and less sleep will aggravate all of the above.

6)  Lack of Exercise:  Feeling tired can lead to physical inactivity and the abandoning of an exercise program.  Though it may seem like a good idea at the time, not exercising at all will increase exhaustion and weakness greatly over time.

What You Can Do To Get Your Energy Back

1)  SLEEP:  Keep your sleep rhythm as consistent as possible by going to bed and waking up at the same times each day. If this is not possible, get to bed a couple of hours earlier a couple days a week.

2)  EXERCISE:  If you stopped exercising, make time for this essential part of your life-style. Start back with an easy routine and build up slowly. Exercise will improve digestion, ability to sleep and, of course, energy.

3)  FOOD:  If constipation is a problem, use herbal supplements to get things moving, along with reducing meats and increasing fruits and vegetables as a long term plan. Minimize alcoholic, caffeinated and sugary foods and beverages. Avoid crash-dieting and go for long-term changes.

4)  SUPPLEMENTS:  Here are suggestions for supplements by category:

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