Cat Nap Trainers Ilse and GuidoThe madness continues… the holiday season!  Joy, peace and health to us all.  May this truly be a Christmas or Hanukkah of the heart, may family affairs be “functional”, may the airport and car traffic be kind, and may you have time for the occasional cat nap as illustrated by trainers Ilse and Guido – see photo at left.

Every year at this time, I think there’s a quiet time coming up at work for me since health food is not generally planned into the holiday menu.  I make plans to paint my toenails and have my eyebrows bleached the same shade of gray as my hair.  However, mostly I find that it gets busier.   It is a difficult time for many of us, all jokes aside.  Old memories, too much money spent that we don’t have, too many family “encounters” and the wrong color socks to return on “Boxing Day”.

Use Your Herbs to Help You Get Through the Holidays

Don’t feel that since you are off the diet anyway, that there’s no point in taking them.  Your herbs will help keep your immunity strong so that you don’t get sick.  There are finer bedroom activities over the holidays than coughing, spluttering and blowing your nose.  They will also help you digest those dinners reminiscent of Henry VIII and his entourage.  And the herbs will do this without the side effects that can occur with anti-biotics, antacids and prescription mood elevators.

Here is a list of favorite herbal formulas you might need over the holidays – if you’re not sure, use the FREE CONSULTATIONS that are still available through January 15th:

To assist DIGESTION during the meal:    PATIC FE



To promote IMMUNITY throughout the season:    BACTOTOX / R:IENHANCE / AHCC


  • JOY BLEND (one free bottle with orders over $100)
  • DPRSN (homeopathic liquid)

Wishing you a Merry, Joyous and Healthy Season,

Doc Eve

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