Dear Patients and Friends,

Bee on St. John's Wort

A bumblebee collecting pollen from a St.John’s Wort flower in the park – Maybe bees also need the wound healing and joyfulness this lovely herb provides. The Joy Formula contains St. John’s Wort.

A fresh batch of Herba Pneu just arrived from production. Thank goodness, sorry it took a while, but just in time for it to protect our lungs from the fire season’s smoky air.


A patient with shingles let us know that “The MNF did fast work.”

Another patient related: “In a recent conversation, you suggested 4 MNF [capsules] to sleep better. I have been in peri-menopause for a few years, but in recent months, sleep has been eluding me regularly. It’s awful! When I mentioned it to you, you said that 4 MNF before bed worked wonders for you, so I tried it. It does work wonders! I can sleep deeply again without waking multiple times a night or being up from 3:00 AM on with no more sleep. It has changed me from cranky and exhausted to calm and peaceful. I can’t thank you enough!”

On a different note, “I have also been struggling with hot flashes more regularly. We were on a trip recently to see our newest grandchild and, of course, we were celebrating with wine, chocolate, and all the goodies that trigger hot flashes. You were marvelous to suggest 2 E:V [capsules] and two 50/50 [capsules] in the morning, and then 3 E:V and 3  50/50 in the evening. It totally worked! I was able to keep celebrating with my family and not experience the hot flashes! They stopped completely! Again, thank you. Your herbs are making my life normal in the midst of these great changes that are happening. God bless you!”

Not to leave our doggies out…

A patient recently e-mailed that her dog’s painful kidney/bladder situation cleared up, happily – not only the pain, but the frequent urination. A capsule of the R:I formula was opened and ½ put into his food twice a day. Nice all around.  

Happy watermelon season,

Doc Eve

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