MARIJUANA  ANYONE?Good News for Marijuana Smokers & Bronchitis Sufferers

If you smoke it and are concerned for your throat, bronchioles  and lungs, the Herba Pneu formula and a bracing walk outdoors will do much to keep the lungs clear. The Herba Pneu formula is an expectorant, a sort of clearing agent for the mucus membranes.  We’ve added the Boswellia Serrata from the old Nu-Breath formula to it to also help with asthmatic conditions.

If you prefer munching your MJ, there are so many “Medibles” available now, the mind does rather boggle.  If that is your choice, just start very slowly and give it up to 1-2 hours to work.


On the topic of lungs, I hear that there is quite a plague of bronchitis making the rounds in Southern Oregon and So. California.  The Herba Pneu formula, again, is invaluable especially along with the Bactotox formula.

If, however, this is not kicking it for you, use the Enhance formula to give it the final heave ho.   Use the doses I’ll write on the lid for you though, not the one printed on the bottle which is for much more serious conditions.  Keep it up for about a month or until you know you’re out of your pass-the-cooties zone.

Be well and watch for crocuses, daffodils and snow drops.

Doc Eve

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