Dear patients and friends,Early Spring Allergies, Colds & Flu

The following are some WINTER’S END TIPS to avoid the “Surprise, Surprise” of colds, flu, throat congestion and allergies.

1.  KEEP THE CHEST, THROAT AND BACK WARM.  If you’re just catching the cold/flu, or already have it, forget the fashionably displayed cleavage for now – any “coolness” to the area will trigger the cough and extend the illness.

2.  QUIT ALL COW’S DAIRY PRODUCTS.  If you miss it, use goat’s or sheep’s dairy, rice milk or almond milk.  Ideally, this is a time for hot water with lemon or lime juice and a spot of honey if the throat bothers.   Of course, garlic toast, with the emphasis on the garlic, is ideal,  delicious and anti-social; more reason to cozy up in bed with the hot water bottle – or something.

3. Have your Bactotox, Herba Pneu formulaA-Defense and/or Enhance ready at home, so if you feel something coming on there is no delay.

4.  If your seasonal respiratory problems start with allergies, and the recent lovely rains lead to plant allergens filling your mucous membranes as well as, thankfully, filling our lakes, remember the ALLER-TOTAL or ALLERDRAIN along with the above.

5.  SUGAR LOWERS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and makes us more vulnerable, so ideally it’s out for now.

If you’re still craving it, this might be a good time to add a little SUGAR FREE formula to your herbs, if only to get through this “April showers bring the flowers” season.

One patient had to be particularly vigilant about his sugar intake, what with pancreatitis and pre-diabetes and a compromised liver.  He took Bactotox, Pan D-M, Sugar Free and Nu-Liv.  His latest check-up was that all is well, but then he also followed the Liver Diet in Feeling Very Much Better.

Spring is just around the corner, and the above should help us with any “spring fever” which may stalk us.

Stay hale and hearty,

Doc Eve

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