Dear Patients and Friends,

Stating the obvious, summer is here. And the only reason I’m glad of it, is that people will finally stop complaining about the rain (which I love) and start complaining about the heat, which I can do with them.

Still, getting out in nature, no matter the season, is great for just “feeling better.” Oscar Wilde wrote: “Nature: a place where birds fly around uncooked.” OK, that took a minute to process, but if you go out into nature this summer:

  1.  Stay hydrated.Summer Gardening -
  2. Take your ALLER-TOTAL with you – great for environmental and food allergies – along with the Bactotox and BWC formulas to help the body resist infections and parasites.

Ears of corn are great for long hikes; juicy and already wrapped. Then, of course, there is the awesome watermelon – though not as convenient for hiking.

Avoid tight pants – stretch or not – unless you do not intend to bend down, sit down or bend over. I learned this the hard way while gardening. The pressure they will create there will push everything in the tummy back up toward the mouth – Ugh and burning.

If it’s too late, use the little massage movement (CLICK HERE for link to demonstration) to push it back down, and rinse the mouth with water to wash away the acids from the throat and esophagus. A capsule of Gentian Root would also help to move things back down in the proper direction. If your case is extreme, the Gastrex formula works 95% of the time.

Two patients called last month about floaters in the eyes becoming a real problem – but the Peeper Keeper formula cleared them up. One said she knew this was the case because when she stopped taking the formula they came back, and then left again on resuming it. Nice to know, for all that summer reading and leering at the local color.

Our newest formula, HerbAdrenal F:S, should be arriving in 2-3 weeks.

Orders placed by phone, email or web store late afternoon of July 3rd, or all day on the 4th, will ship out on Wed., July 5th. Regular hours Wed. thru Fri. July 5th thru 7th.

A happy 4th of July and an easy recovery from it,

Doc Eve

From So. Calif., call 310-855-1111 / Otherwise, call 541-482-2112


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