Ashland in AutumnDear patients and friends,

Thank goodness the smoke and triple digit heat is over, and the trees are showing off their stuff already. I hope you get to go and see lots of them.

FYI, the mangoes are fabulous right now and the season doesn’t last very long, so enjoy – I sure am.

Here is some recent feedback for inspiration re the upcoming chilly weather:

“For this chronic mucousy condition in my throat and sinuses, you suggested Aller-Total, Bactotox, and Herba Pneu. These have clearly reduced the amount of throat clearing and coughing I originally had. 1,000 thanks!”

“Hi, Dr. Eve. My eczema has all cleared up. Thank you, thank you!!” – She took AR+, BILICA, MNF, BWC and Joy Blend formulas.

“The news is that after taking your herbs for 2 months, and when I stopped taking any allergy sprays, pills, and even the Aller-Total, I asked my allergy doctor if it was OK for me to also stop the allergy shots. Well, he decided instead to test me for the whole panel of allergies. The results? Absolutely no allergic reactions! Thanks be to God!
     “Therefore, I officially have permission to stop the allergy shots as well!  Will keep the Aller-Total handy though, just in case.”

Some people get results with dietary changes only. This woman wrote, “I just wanted to thank you because the dietary guidance that you gave me helped me get rid of my allergies.”
     That was from the Respiratory Chapter in Feeling very much Better.

Also, FYI – Particularly in the colder weather, keep the R:I formula around and travel with it. One cold seat can ruin your whole week with a painful UTI (Cystitis/bladder infection).

From a woman who works long hours on the set, often 7 days a week: “The HerbAdrenal F:S formula is both energizing and calming, I really like it!”

O.K., enough of that.

I find some Chinese proverbs comforting, I hope you do too:

     “A bird does not sing because it has the answers, a bird sings because it has a song.”

A happy and healthy autumn to you and yours,

Doc Eve

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