We are often asked about calcium supplements and why we use herbs, rather than the white laboratory produced tablets in the stores.  In short, easier digestion and vastly more complete absorption and usage in your body, plus a vast array of known and still undiscovered nutrients that only Nature can provide.

Laboratory Produced Calcium

Calcium carbonate is the most common type of calcium supplement taken.  It is cheap to make in the lab because it is derived from rock and other non-food sources like shells.  It is very difficult to digest so your toilet water ultimately ends up with lots of partially digested calcium.  For the same reason, antacid/calcium carbonate tablets are not a good source of calcium, which, ironically, require more stomach acid to break down.

These laboratory produced calcium supplements (including citrates, lactates, gluconates, orotates, etc.) also contain few, if any, of the nutrients that are essential for your body to absorb and use the calcium in your system.  Plant source calcium is accompanied by ALL of the known, and yet to be discovered, essential nutrients for absorption and utilization in your body, including the all-important magnesium in the proper ratio.

Not Milk?

Many people believe it is just this side of child abuse not to give their children cow’s milk for calcium to build strong bones.  Consider this:

  • Americans consume 3 times as much milk as do Japanese, and have 2.5 times as many hip fractures*.
  • Cow’s milk is high on the list of allergy foods and causes numerous health problems in children and adults alike (allergies, colic, excessive mucus, gas & bloating to name a few).
  • Our son has never had a glass of cow’s milk in his 30 years of life and is as strong as Colossus.
Cramp Bark with Herbal Calcium

Cramp Bark with Herbal Calcium

Herbal Calcium for Maximum Absorption and Use in Your Body

Cramp Bark has one of the highest known calcium concentrations in the plant world.  It is also correspondingly high in magnesium in the proper ratio as provided by Nature (a much more reliable source than a lab technician when it comes to supplying nutrients).  Being of organic matter, these, and all of their complementary nutrients that allow for complete absorption, are easily and quickly digested.

Cramp Bark and MNF (Muscle [and Bone] Nourishing Formula) have been helping our patients for over 37 years to get relief from a wide array of health problems such as:

  • Osteoporosis (See the previous Osteoporosis blog article below or click here for the Osteoporosis Therapy Pack)
  • Muscle and Menstrual Cramps
  • Infections (calcium is needed in the production of white blood cells which engulf germs and foreign matter invading the body)
  • Insomnia
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Stage Fright (taken in combination with Vervain)

So there you have it, Cramp Bark supplements provide a highly supported, vastly more easily and completely digested product, with no side effects, than laboratory versions and cow’s milk… in our humble opinion.

*   Fujita, T. and M. Fukase, Comparison of osteoporosis and calcium intake between Japan and the United States. Proc.Soc.Exp.Biol.Med. 1992 / 200 (2) / 149-152.

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