Herbal Remedies for Dog Joint Pain and Overall Health

Dog owners have been enthusiastically reporting back to us on the healing and recovery from dog joint pain, hip dysplasia, subdermal tumors and a loss of energy and vitality.  Dog joint pain, and the draining of zest and spirit that will accompany it, is a heartbreaking thing to watch.  But here is one dog’s story of recovery…

Testimonial from “Sid” the movie actor dog

Sid, on the "Breathless" movie set, and his recovery from dog joint pain

Sid with Val Kilmer’s FX Severed Hand on the “Breathless” Movie Set

In one case, “Sid”, the movie actor dog, became suddenly arthritic after his 10th birthday. Over the next 4 years, he got progressively worse, having to be carried up stairs, lifted into the car, developing numerous tumors.  Eventually he was not even able to walk a few yards before collapsing.

As fate would have it, a frequent user of the Eve’s Herbs formulas just happened to be passing by.  This person handed Sid’s owner a piece of paper with “www.EvesHerbs.com” written on it, and suggested she try some herbs for her ailing dog.  Skeptical but hopeful, she gave the two recommended formulas a try and Sid responded within days.  He began running and playing again and his tumors even shrunk.

Eighteen months later, Sid’s owner reported, “Sid just had his 16th birthday and he’s still hiking around the foothills chasing squirrels.  Who knows if there’s a day or a year left in him, but having the last year and a half to appreciate every moment and see him enjoying life… that’s indescribable.”

Sid can be seen playing “Earl the dog” in the 2012 version of the movie “Breathless” starring Gina Gershon, Val Kilmer, Kelli Giddish and Ray Liotta.

For an article written by Sid’s owner for Mountain Weekly News about his recovery, check out: mtnweekly.com/old-dog-new-hope-32642

A Proven Herbal Solution

There are numerous other pet owners who have relieved their dog’s joint pain and lethargy using our Dog Disease Therapy Pack.   Sid’s story, however, exemplifies the many benefits to both furry friends and their happy owners.  Click here to read more about this Therapy Pack for your pet.

Maybe the dog days of summer don’t have to be so bad after all.

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