If your blood pressure has been feeling a bit roller coaster-ish during the tax season, here’s a cheery story:High Blood Pressure

One Patient’s High Blood Pressure Testimonial

“Hi Eve,

“I just wanted to let you know, I’ve been taking your herb regimen [for High Blood Pressure] and I feel tons better.  I am embarrassed to say, I almost never remember to take them three times a day, but often 2 times a day, and once in a while just once a day.

“My energy is way up, and I haven’t had the dizzy/head rushes that I was having.  I went off of the blood pressure medication a couple of weeks ago (after closely monitoring what it read while I was on the medication).  It went up slightly, but seems to be staying in the low 130s/80s range, occasionally a bit higher, like 140s/low 90s, depending on time of day and activities.  But nearly always, I can just relax for 3-4 deep breaths and it will fall back into the lower range.  I feel quite comfortable about my health in that range, especially since noticing such a positive change in so many other areas after quitting the medication.  I have nearly stopped eating wheat (just a little here and there, in things like chile rellenos), and I believe as my nutrition gets better and I remember to take your herbs on a more strict regimen, that those readings will probably continue to decline.

“And man, I was reading about blood pressure and the W.H.O. (World Health Org.) standards, and the benefits the pharmaceutical companies got when W.H.O. lowered the definition of [normal] blood pressure to 120/80, which by default made half of mankind fall into high blood pressure diagnoses.  Really?  Half the people on the planet have something wrong with their blood pressure?  Seems a little fishy…

“Then the fact that some of the blood pressure meds have shown to increase risk of heart attack and stroke (including the one I was on), and doctors continue to prescribe them without so much as a blink of an eye.  It seems like an incredible crime to medicate so many people who don’t necessarily need it.  I can’t believe that so many physicians go along with it – they must know what a sham it is?

“Thank you so much for enabling me to start getting my health back under control and especially for getting me off those damn pharmaceuticals.  You are amazing, as always!!!!”

This patient used the basic High Blood Pressure Therapy Pack formulas of HBP, MNF and Blend F.

GOAT MILK for our Feline Companions

We adopted a couple of furballs a year ago, Guido and Ilsa, and they were not up to their kitty struts or shining coats.  Gassiness with sore butts was another little problem.

I tried giving them some goat milk along with their dried food and now they are glowing and pouncing every which way.  They both lap it up, though I’ve noted that they often wait a day before they do, to let it sour – i.e., turn to something like yogurt for that good bacteria.  Clever kitties.

Many Thanks

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