HBP Formula for High Blood Pressure Yours truly had a high blood pressure event that shot it through the roof for several days, and I spent some time shaking like a shaved chihuahua.  Imagine my jaw drop when both my cousin in Germany and my sister in Australia said on the phone to me, “Why don’t you take those herbs I saw in your catalogue!?”  Let’s just say that high blood pressure also, occasionally, addles the aging brain.

My sister and cousin were referring to the HBP formula, of which I took 3 capsules, 4 times the first day, along with the same dosage of the MNF formula for its calming effects. Sometime after the second dose, I noticed that I started to “come down”, and after 3 days, my blood pressure had returned to normal.  I started lowering the dosage, but I always have it handy if I need to pick it up again.

How the HBP Formula Helps With High Blood Pressure and Weight Loss

The yucca and chickweed in the HBP formula contain anti-inflammatory saponins that “wash” the arteries and congestion in the gut, as well as assisting in both plaque and cholesterol reduction.  Yucca’s cortisone-like action helps to ease stress, and it’s anti-inflammatory effects help with arthritis too.  High in vitamins A and B, calcium and potassium, the American Indians valued its many uses for healing, and also as a hair wash.

HBP’s Hawthorn Berries have been famous in healing all manner of heart diseases for the last 2,000 years or so. In more recent years, research cited in a University of Maryland Medical School article* on Hawthorn, have confirmed its efficacy and safety.  It is high in anti-oxidants that reduce damage from free radicals, especially in heart disease.

Chickweed in the HBP formula is highly touted for weight loss because it helps suppress the appetite.

So… HBP and MNF to control high blood pressure, clear the arteries and gut, and lose weight – such a deal!

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