Dear Patients and Friends,Holidays 2018 are Here!

We wish you a healthy and joyful holiday season as it descends upon us with it’s many temptations. So, for this season’s special, to help with the wild and crazy emotional ups and downs, I thought we’d offer our Joy Blend formula, discounted through the holidays, to help things along for yourself and/or someone you love.

Joy Blend is most effective as an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and anti-neurotic. Being a heart tonic, and the heart being the seat of our emotions, it serves double duty. The regular price is $16.00, but from now until December 31, 2018 we’ll slip it to you under the table for $9.00.

My book, Feeling Very Much Better, is $5 instead of  the regular $11 for the season as they do make a good gift for the New Year’s resolutions coming right up.

Since flu season is going strong again and we are more vulnerable when stressed, do remember to have spares of your good immune friends handy, as they are often given away to other sufferers at this time. Bactotox of course, as well as the AHCC, Enhance and the trusty Herba Pneu.

A patient who always has the Bactotox and AHCC on hand recently called to say he was sticking with these because, “I tell you, I just never get sick.   So, thanks.”

If Halloween candy is your little downfall, do remember the Sugar Free to take in the evening especially to work overnight to support the pancreas.

We thank the following people for recently referring:  Donna Carkeek, Krista Miller Bates, Vickie Myles, Robin Smith and Diana Yanez.

Sending you joy and contentment,

Doc Eve

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