Allergic Water Weight We eat less, we’ve even cut out the dreaded carbs and, yes, we’ve dropped a couple of pounds and there it stays – holding pattern.  It’s enough to turn us into pillars of pessimism.

For instance, coffee, that’s supposed to help curb appetite – may do so temporarily. But it irritates the kidneys into holding more water to protect the vital organs from its irritating acids. So guess what? Water weight and puffy eyes. Same with the other typical allergies like sugar, for instance. And if there’s any little rash on the belly, then the sugar consumption is making its mark. When you stop, it will very likely disappear.

Spring is going all out and the garden variety allergies at this time will also cause edema. If they are bad enough that steroids and/or inhalers need to be used, they will be another source of avoirdupois along with the many other drugs, like blood pressure meds for instance.  Again the body protects the vital organs by holding water and the metabolism slows down.

Cow’s dairy causes there to be excess mucous in the body – another allergic reaction that causes catarrhal difficulties irritating enough for the body to once again hold more soothing water.

Many of us have fasted on diluted veggie juice, the Master Cleanser, etc., and seen the result of the weight dropping off, at first the water bloat goes and then the stubborn fat cells let go. The eyes and skin become clear, facial puffiness deflates, allergies are gone and we once more become sleek.

Many new diets make weight loss complicated and expensive when it isn’t.  Avoid your allergens and consider the calories ingoing versus outgoing.  Going by the nearly 69% of overweight or obese adults in the US of A, this is either easier said than done or it’s much more fun eating things we’re allergic to (since we crave those), than “all that rabbit food.”  Once we get used to it though and feel and taste how delicious it is we have finally triumphed.

Our 50% OFF special this month is the O/N Formula to help with the above.  It is supportive to the kidneys which in turn drops the bloat as well as helpful to counter allergies.  It is high in calcium and supports the nervous system, helping to relieve depression, insomnia and stress.

Stay hale and hearty and take some time to check out Nature’s progress with Her spring chores,

Doc Eve

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