Insomnia and Anxiety Dear patients and friends,

Insomnia is another bugaboo of the aged, as well as the young and stressed. It always annoys me when people say, “When you’re tired enough, you’ll sleep,” when in fact, I found that in becoming overtired I become jumpier and wider and wider awake – the nervous system in overdrive.

In dealing with it, of course, the worst thing is to get mad that we can’t sleep. My Mom told me to tell myself, “If I’m not back to sleep in 10 minutes, I’m getting up to clean the oven.”  That can work – oh yes.

For something less traumatic though, I get up and take my Detox Powder with the Barley Grass Powder and my morning herbs, then add a couple of Calm Spirit, Vervain and MNF with 2 Tart Cherry caps (Keep Calm).  Then, I check out the neighboring houses and see that I’m really not alone; other windows are lit up also. I grab a few lungfuls of cool air and am ready to get back into my warm bed.

I then breathe while focusing on the 3rd eye (the spot between the eyebrows) – inhale the worries colored dark black, recognize them, and let them leave in white light. In the meantime, the herbs are doing their stuff. You could also take another Sublingual Melatonin at this time, and so relax into the arms of Morpheus.

If its our thoughts that are endlessly chasing their tails, grab a journal and write them all down, to be addressed in the morning. Sleep well.

Sleep Checklist:

  • Oust electrical units from the bedroom (computers, phones, etc.)
  • Eat an apple or banana
  • Write down circular thoughts that won’t quiet down
  • Threaten yourself with oven cleaning
  • Know you’re in good company
  • Perform your ritual of a.m. herbs if sleep is slow to return
  • Good night!

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Wishing you abundance in health and joy,

Doc Eve

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