Dear patients and friends,

I hope you’ve already enjoyed the Gentian Root for your Thanksgiving digestion, a little gift we’re including with your holiday orders.

Of course, also, a last minute gift of a Therapy Pack or Herbal Formula works well for some of us, as in this little recent note I received: “I’ve bought a Therapy Pack in the past and loved the result. This one is for my husband.”

Quick FYI for HOT FLASH sufferers: try adding a cup of edamame, either to your dinner or late evening snack and see what happens…

OUR HOLIDAY SCHEDULEEve's Herbs Herbie the Cat Santa

We will be closed:
Saturday, December 23rd through Tuesday, December 26th and
Friday, December 29th through Tuesday, January 2nd.

Thank you to Terri Blake, Mireille Naanouh, Mario Tabet, Maroun Tabet, Mouhib Tabet, Veronica Valles and Dr. Joel E. Yeager for turning their friends and family onto the lovely herbs.

We wish you a lovely, recharging and joyful Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Be well and feel good,

Docs David and Eve

From So. Calif., call 310-855-1111 / Otherwise, call 541-482-2112


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