Sleep Interruption from Prostate ProblemsHow PROSTATE SWELLING and/or INFLAMMATION that causes “Sleepus Interruptus” (as I like to call it) can be reversed with the TATE: I formula and HERBAL MULTI, because the herbs in these formulas sooth and promote the reduction of prostate swelling without the long-term side effects that come with drugs or surgery.

For men, it’s the swelling and/or inflammation of the prostate pressing against the bladder that wrests them out of the arms of morpheus and a good night’s sleep.  Other symptoms might include:

1. Finding it difficult to start urinating.
2. Slow, weak stream that stops and starts.
3. Continued dribbling after urinating.
4. Returning to urinate again minutes later.
5. Unusual urgency to urinate.

For women, either hot flashes or getting up every 2-3 hours for “no reason” followed by the inevitable “I can’t get back to sleep.”

Between the two, many a guest room has been turned into a second bedroom.

This man, referred by his wife for a phone consult, was up every 2 hours to visit the toilette as part of dealing with his swollen prostate, or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). Due to his weight, size and severity of symptoms, I started him on 3 capsules, 3 times a day (9 capsules total) of the TATE:I formula and 3 capsules, twice a day of the HERBAL MULTI, for an initial period of 3 weeks. Now that his nights are restful and free of interruption, we’re slowly lowering the dosages until we have the right maintenance levels to keep him sleeping through the night.  As he said, “Beats surgery!”

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Thank you to Cydney Crickard, Alda Jance, Jane Rogers, Liz Heller, Patrick MacManus and Veronica Valles for referring others to our work and the wonderful herbs.

Wishing you abundance in health and joy,

Doc Eve

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