Nausea Malaise

Dear Patients and Friends,Nausea Malaise

Nausea is my most dreaded illness symptom and, of course, I’m not alone in that. It is the body’s vengeful method of letting us know that one or more of our organs, usually the liver, gallbladder, and/or gut are fed up with what we send down to them. For example, things that claim to be food, excessively rich food, medications and parasites in residence.

Some suggestions: If it’s “something you ate”, go right to the BWC and put a tsp. or Tbsp., depending on your weight, into a little water or juice and drink this every 1/2 hour for 2-3 hours. Take a couple of doses the next day, if needed, but this usually works right away.

If it is something that’s been going on for a while, mostly felt in the mornings or during the night for instance, help the liver along with either the Nu-Liv or Patic Fe, the latter of which includes help for constipation.

We also now have an Apex Homeopathic product called “Liver R-1” which works very quickly for nausea. You may want to continue using the R-1 for a couple of weeks anyway to give the liver more time to calm down. It is a liquid, so no pill swallowing in case that’s a hitch.

Then, of course, unless the cause of the nausea is obvious, look at your life style of late and figure out what causes it and cut it out or minimize it. We could also talk if you need some help figuring it out.

Here to support your continued health,

Doc Eve

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